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Briz-1-industrialized democracy

No description

danny briz

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Briz-1-industrialized democracy

The Industrialized Democracies Chapter 15
Section 2
Danny Briz
Nicole Korkos
Period 1
Vocabulary Recession-periods when economy shrinks
Brief recessions in America
Suburbanization-the movement to communities outside an urban core
Happened as America grew
Segregation-forced separation
Mostly seen in education and housing
Discrimination-unequal treatment in jobs and voting
After WWII Truman desegregated armed forces
GDP Gross domestic product
The total value of all goods plus services in a nation within a particular year
Shows wealth of the country
The total value of all goods plus services in a nation within a particular year
Shows wealth of the country
US economy linked to global economy US economy linked to global economy
America depended on worlds economy
Early 1970s political crisis in middleeast
Decreased oilexports
Oil prices skyrocket
Left people with less money to spend on other things
Us Ression in 1974- worl recess 1970-80
Opportunities for Americans Martin Luther king Jr led civil Rights movement
All colors had equal jobs
Womens equality
Politics grew
Gov role grew
Help poor and disadvantaged
America was an industrialized democracies MAP OF GDP THROUGHOUT THE WORLD oil was a huge factor of the global economy Martin Luther King Jr. example of segregation MLK Speaking Sources Google Images
Green textbook advantages and disadvantages of
the welfare state in europe Advantages Disadvantages

Unemployment high taxes

Insurance government took over basic things
- Steil
National health pension -airlines
map of Japan
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