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Beauty and the Beast

Background Information

Tracey Williamson

on 5 August 2011

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Transcript of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty How are the characters, setting, or plots of fairy tales similar to other stories? What lessons have we learned from our reading selections this year? Think about how some stories try to teach a lesson while they entertain. Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale. Many versions of this fairy tale have been written. The first publishe version was written in 1740 by madam Gabriel DeVilleneuve. The most popular version was written by Madam Le Prince DeBeaumont and published in 1756. The story has been retold many times in story, play, poem, film, and animated versions. Sometimes the author is unknown as with this version of the story. amd the Beast What do you know about fairy tales? fairy tales are stories that involve imaginary creatures, mysterious adventures, and happy endings.
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