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Scott Bailey

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Forensics-JMB

Welcome to Forensic Science Objective SWBAT use deductive and inductive reasoning in order to piece together clues and develop a timeline of events Paperwork Syllabus
Forensic Science Acknowledgement
needs to be signed and returned
Lab Safety Contract
needs to be signed and returned
Technology Use Why did you take this course?

What do you expect to learn in this class? Drill: Today's Activity In small groups (about 4 students), piece together clues in order to develop an evolving hypothesis based on evidence and clues What to Expect!! At 8:30 am you are called to a local field where a body has been discovered. You and your team respond quickly to the scene. When you arrive, you find the area has been isolated and the scene has been searched.
Starting the Investigation You and your team (group of 4) will draw eight (8) clues from the envelope. This will be the beginning of your investigation.

Using the information collected your group will begin to hypothesize the events of the crime. Record this in your information log on the back of this sheet.
Drawing Conclusions Deductive Reasoning Each of the following statements is true.  How can that be? 1. Last week I turned off the light in my room and jumped into my bed that was 15 feet away from the switch before the room got dark.

2. One night my uncle was reading a book when my aunt turned off the light. The room was pitch black, but he kept on reading anyway.

3. A man took his wife to a theater that was showing an action movie. During one of the gun fighting scenes, he shot his wife. When the movie was done, he took his wife's body from the theater and no one stopped him.

4. A man who lived in a small town legally married twenty different women. None of the women died, and the man never got a divorce.

5. The pet shop owner told a customer that the parrot would repeat every word it heard. A week later, the customer angrily returned the bird and said it would not say a word, but the pet shop owner had not lied about the bird's ability. Hypothesis #2 Continue your investigation by drawing eight more clues.

Develop and Record Hypothesis #2 Hypothesis #3 Team up with another group to develop a third hypothesis. After sharing your information, each group s should individually record a third hypothesis Final Hypothesis Draw your last eight clues. Discuss and finalize your team hypothesis. Record your final hypothesis, but be able to defend it to the class
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