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what olympic events were practiced in ancient greece...??

English project

Valerie Rivera

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of what olympic events were practiced in ancient greece...??

Olympic Events Practiced in Ancient Greece Running Events The running events were :
Stadion - a short 190 meter foot race
Diaulos - 2 stadion race
Dolichos - a long distance race about 5 kilometers long
Hoplitodromos - a race in which the athletes had to wear a full armor that weighed almost 30 kilos. Ancient Olympic Games This video will show you how Olympic Games were in ancient times and how the games have modernized! Usually the Olympics would last no longer than a day but with time, it extended up to 5 days and more challenging events were later added to the schedule. In Ancient Greece, the Olympics held two types of events;
combat events and the running events. Combat Events The combat events were :
Pancratium - "all powers" which is a blend of both wrestling and boxing w/ out any rules or regulations
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