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Radiation Safety

No description

Bridget Pankonin

on 19 July 2017

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Transcript of Radiation Safety

Cobalt 60- located at the Caster
Proper Signage:
SCWE-Safety Conscious Work Environment
-Berthold Mold Level Gauge & Cobalt 60 Source
Scrap Analyzer: Hand held Slag Analyzer:
-The radiation symbol is a purple or
black tri-fold with a yellow background

Lindsay Nelson
(RSO- Radiation Safety Officer) in the Safety Department or Bridget Pankonin (RSO) for any questions, comments or concerns.
-Charter Steel operates in a way that values the lives, health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors. Employees, contractors and visitors can report safety concerns without fear of retaliation by discussing with a Supervisor/Manager, Safety Department or Safety Team Member through Charter Steel’s open door and anti-harassment policies. Safety concerns will be resolved by adhering to our SMS Procedure 4532-01 Nonconformity, Corrective Action and Preventive Action.
Charter Steel
An overview of radiation at Charter Steel, Saukville
& Safety

Radiation at Charter

-Berthold Mold Level Gauge LB 352
Provides the signal for measuring fill on the mold.
Innov-x analyzer
X-Ray Diffraction (Brunker System)
Location: Safety Department
Located: Melt QC Lab
-Used to identify elements in a substance and quantify the amount of those elements present
-This machine is used for tracking the chemical components of slag
"Safety is my responsibility"
One Family. One Team.
One family. One Team
Radiation is used in many industries

What is radiation?
Energy traveling through space
Detection at Charter Steel
Melt QC Lab Detector
Baghouse Monitor
Handheld Detectors
Scrap Detectors:
Truck & Rail
Dosimeter Badges
to ensure that no unwanted radioactive sources come on site in scrap

radioactive sources in the caster molds in gages to regulate steel flow.
Ionizing radiation
Caesium- 137
Cobalt- 60
Americium- 241
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