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No description

Joanna Droppo

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Gymnastics

By: Joanna Droppo
Three main types of gymnastics:
Rhythmic: Six events
Artistic: Four events
Men's: Six events

Women: Leotard
Men: Leotard and semi-tight shorts or pants
Creation of the Greeks and Romans:
Used to prepare for battle

"Gymnasia" for PE

Coordination of mind and body

Molded into modern-day gymnastics
Ex. wooden horse
Women's Artistic Events
Vault (VT)
With Olympic Gymnasts:
Focus: Women's Artistic
Beam (BB)
Bars (UB)
Floor (FX)
Difficulty+Execution= Score
With younger Competitive Gymnasts:
Execution= Score
10.00= not perfect.
10.00= PERFECT
Levels 3-10
Levels 10+
Original= pommel horse - handles
Requires three things
Sprints and pushes off the apparatus
Used to be easy
most beautiful and pleasing routine
Only 4" wide
most spectacular
display six characteristics
flip from bar to bar
70 - 130s
Tumbling, dancing, Acrobatics
No supporting Apparatus
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