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Teaching Metacognition with Figure 19

No description

Kelly Korenek

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Metacognition with Figure 19

Teaching Metacognition
growing great readers
Do our students have the tools they
need for comprehension?
WHat is metacognition?
What is figure 19?
Cognitive Strategies: Figure 19
Research shows that...
Struggling readers have poorly developed metacognition.
Many average to above average readers have delayed development of metacognition.
Metacognition CAN be taught and developed.
3rd grade math problem:

What are the 3 grootste aantallen that can wordt gemaakt using the cijfers 3,4,6, and 7? Elk cifjermust be used only een en elk.

a. 7643
b. 3467, 3476, 3647
c. 7643, 7634, 7463
d. 34, 36, 73
Beeman Experiment:

pine, crab, sauce
Metacognition can be taught...
Anchor Charts and
Thinking Stems
Anchor Text: Using the Livebinder
Teaching metacognition matters. Water the roots and watch great readers grow!
Research from:
Thinking Deeply About Text: Recasting Figure 19 as Problem Solving Strategies
Dr. Mario Campanaro
grootste aantallen = largest numbers
wordt gemaakt = be created
cjifer = digit
Merk uw antwoord = mark your answer
Anchor charts and
thinking stems
What are the characteristics
of good strategy users?
Good strategy users:
possess an extensive knowledge base.
are metacognitively aware.
are motivated to use strategies
possess a variety of strategies to accomplish a desired goal.
Anchor charts and
thinking stems
Genre Sort!
Extensive Knowledge Base:
Declarative: Know that...
Procedural: Know how...
Conditional: Know when and why...
What can we learn from Sully?
metacognition and technology
Comprehension Puppets
Comprehension Connections
Comprehension Toolkit
Obedient responses vs.
strategic process
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