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Gangs of the 1960s

No description

Luke Guise

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Gangs of the 1960s

by:Luke Guise Gangs in the 1960's Gang Life Violence is a main part of gang life. Most gang members carry weapons such as guns, switchblades, and small knifes. Gangs provide services for their members including stealing and murder. Gangs kill because of revenge, money, and fighting between gangs. Gangs also get money by selling drugs illegally, as you probably noticed, most gangs break the law. Gangs typically form because of racial and ethnic believes. They mark their territory with graffiti. Gang members often get tattoos that represent the gang. Gangs of the past The Hells Angels were one of the worlds largest motorcycle gangs. Most motorcycle gangs were harmless. The Guardian Angels were a famous gang that protected cities from crime. Some of the most violent gangs in the 1960s were the Surenos in California, The Latin Kings in chicago , The Bloods and the Crips in L.A. were well known rivals. 2 million African Americans were arrested each year because of being associated with the Crips. Bibliography Why People join gangs? What Happens When You Leave a gang. Some children are abused or shoved out of their families. They feel like they don't belong anywhere. Most of them are bullies and have bad grades in school. Then they are offered to or they decide to join a gang. They join the gang because it makes them feel like they belong somewhere. They join gangs because it surrounds them with friends. It gives them a sense of power. It seems like the right choice to that person. Leaving a gang is extremely difficult. The U.S. NEWS article from 2007 says that "Getting out of a street gang in L.A. is like getting a tattoo removed." Sometimes the gang will kill or severely injure a member if they try to leave. After they leave the gang, they could have a hard time getting employed because of their physical appearance because of tattoos and a criminal record. The Crips of the 1960's The Crips along with there leader Raymond Lee Washington started out as schoolyard bullies. The Crips started out as the Cribs because of their young age. They originated in the south central area of L.A. That area suffered from bad schools, bad housing, and unemployment 3 times the national average. The 1965 Watts riots were caused by African Americans fighting against the L.A. police department. It took 14,000 U.S. Military troops to end it. The Black Panthers were formed to start a revolution and armed resistance against the "pigs", slang for the cops. Raymond Lee Washington was inspired by the Black Panthers. They became the Crips when their victims described them as Crips. Works Cited

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