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French revolution justified

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brendon kerner

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of French revolution justified

Revolutions Project
French/Our Revolution
American Revolution
Justification For Revolution
The French people were justified to revolt because their rulers, king Louis XVI and the queen, Marie Antoinette, were hoarding food in their palace while their people starved. Also, France was in extreme debt, partly because of Marie's spending habits, such as funding large parties or spending money on her wardrobe and hair.
Syrian Revolution
Government Failure
The french way of government failed because there was too much power in the hands of a single person. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and their massive spending and useless warring against other countries caused France to have an insane amount of debt. Their subjects were starving and living in poverty. And members of the clergy and the nobles did not have to pay taxes. Only the lower class.
Events that caused the American Revolution:
British Parliament passing stamp act
British closed Boston Harbor
Second continental congress formed an army under George Washington

The France Herald
In recent months, there have been rumors circulating that the king, Louis XVI, has been hoarding grains and bread in the royal family’s palace at Versailles.
The third estate’s women have responded to this by travelling to Versailles to protest the king and his regime of absolute power.
This wasn't what all the third estate was angry about. They also have shown grievances with the first and second estates; commoners want equal taxation with the first and second estates. They also want to replace the king with a constitutional monarchy to stop his reckless and useless warring in foreign countries.
So now we know, the gears of revolution are turning. If you don’t join and fight you just might miss out on the revolution.
by: Franz Johnson
Why was it is justified
The Syrian revolution was justified because of the faltering economy and a corrupt president that will not give up his power and brought down military force on peaceful protesters.
Why There System Failed
Their system, which would have worked, failed because of corrupt leadership and his action to place military force on peaceful protestors causing the movement of uprising himself. In other words, he threw the first stone of revolution.
How It has Brought Positive Change?
The revolution is not over yet, however, if the rebels win, the rebels will be sure to elect a fair and non-corrupt, virtuous leader. The Syrian Revolution has also changed the mindset of Syrians for the better, prompting them to strive for better leadership.
How they were justified
The american colonist were justified because the British government was showering them with taxes for wars that they fought and tried to make them pay for their wars. As well as they sent troops over to make sure we were paying the taxes.
How it brought positive outcome?
The American revolution brought positive change because it became the country we all know and love. As well as America is a powerhouse in the name of equality and a model of individual freedom; and is trying to stop terror from reaching other people.
Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI
By: Lucas Vandenberg, Brendon Kerner, Trevor York, Leo Phillips
The Path To Change
1. Convince people to join with news Articles, and propaganda.
2. Peacefully Petition to replace the current government.
3. Establish a constitutional democracy and elect a new leader
4. Establish the middle class and start to pay off the national debt

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French Revolution Video (2min)
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