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Anton LY2 Final Portfolio

No description

Anton Buchner

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Anton LY2 Final Portfolio

I feel that this translation truly represent my individual ability and effort this year. The translation I chose to display this is Modestus. Some reasons I chose this was because it compiled of most of the grammatical topics this year, which shows my individual ability. Also the translation had a decent length, showing my effort on the translation.
A big grammatical topic that I had trouble with this year is the Genitive. At first I had issues recognizing the genitive because because I had touble memorizing it. To help me a kept practicing my charts but the tool that really helped me is the sentence "R
lls h
sy n
ghbor". That sentence helped me because in the sentence there is all of the endings of the genitive singular are in each word. (genitive endings are in a different font in each word.)

Through out this year in Latin, I have grown a lot in the year. In the first video I had trouble reading the passage and could only answer one or two of the questions correctly. Now in the new video I am able to read the Latin passage easily. Also, I am able to answer most of the questions correctly unlike the first time. I think it is amazing how much a person can accomplish in a year and it is astonishing to see the difference.
The cultural project I am most proud of is the campaign for duoviri. In the campaign for duoviri I was the campaign manager for my group. Our candidate for the campaign was Caesar Holconius (Jeff Johnson) and with my leadership I was able to lead my candidate to a victory. This project was great and gave us a better understanding of the Latin world. For this project I created, narrated, and directed the campaign video. With my group we also created a tweeter account to promote our candidate. I enjoyed it greatly and I am proud of the work I did for the Campaign.
The Final Portfolio
By: Anton Buchner
Modestus and Strythio were walking to Latro's inn. Strythio, although he is Modestus' friend, mocked him.
Modestus: Where is, Strythio? Did I order you to stand by me.
Strythio: I am here. By hercules! How lucky am I! I stand near the man with the best courage. You are stronger than Mars himself.
Modestus: Say the truth. Often in battle I protect the god of war.
Strythio: You would not be able to count all of your victories, but I would like to talk about that elephant. You, having been attacked by an elephant, could have easily broken its arm.
Modestus: You said elephants arm?
Strythio: Alas! I want to say the thigh of the elephant.
Modestus: I hardly touched it. Do you have a wax tablet fort he stories of me you are going to jot down?
Strythio: I have a wax tablet. Look! You, a hundred Brigantes attacked, all killed. One hundred and fifty scots, thirty Damnonii, sixty Votadinians in one battlle killed.
Modestus: How big was the total? I want you to make a total.
Strythio: Three thousand.
Modestus: Give me back a real sum.
Strythio: It is not nescessary for me to tell you something we all know. You are a man with the highest courage and the top advice. All of the hirls love you because you are so beautiful. That Vilbia, you caught sight of yesterday, fell in love at once. Many ask about you.
Modestus: Who said that?
Strythio: They eagerly asked me," Who is this Hercules?" "No! who is his father," they respond. Then the brooch, which you gave to the other girl, handed it over to Vilbia. "Modestus, you are a kind and noble man," he said," You gave thisbrooch for free." Vilbia, received this brooch, my reply is," How beautifulis Modestus! How Generous! Have you chatted with her."
Modestus: Alas! Surely this girl isn't trouble some? It is difficult for me to avoid the girl. She is to beautiful.
Strythio: Alas! They arrived to Latro's inn. Perhaps Vilbia will be inside, who you worship like a god.
entered the shop.
The culture product I am second most proud of is my cultural reflection from stage 20. My cultural reflection of stage 20 consists of my thoughts on the cultural section. I found that section very interesting. I enjoyed to read the part about the history of medicine in Egypt. After reading the cultural section I further looked into the topic. I went to find out to that not only was the Hippocratic Oath originated in Egypt but was the epicenter of medical advances. A huge reason it was the center was that they allowed and even supported doctors to cut open and examine bodies which in other cultures was unsupported. This helped doctors find cures or remedies that would be beneficial to their patients. Unlike some different religions would do some more radical remedies which would further harm their patients.
Another thing that I went into further exploration is Eratosthenes, the man who found the circumference of the earth. He found the circumference of the earth by recognizing that on the day of the summer equinox the sun cast no shadow on a stick in Syene, but in Alexandria the stick casts a shadow. Using this information and simple geometry he was able to find the circumference of the earth. That fact is so fascinating to me because someone who lives in a world that still believes in sea monsters and are highly superstitious is able to come up with such as simple yet ingenious idea.
Latin has increased my vocabulary tremendously in many classes. While taking Latin this year learning the man vocab words increased my vocabulary form making vocab cards to doing the word study. I feel that the main part in studying Latin vocab that translated into my English vocab was working on the word study and finding the Latin root in words. A piece that truly show my increased vocabulary is an essay of mine from English class. I believe this essay which compares to different types of literature shows my enhanced vocabulary because it exhibits my writing ability and is filled with an expansive vocabulary.
This class also helped me expand and helped retain my vocabulary in my Spanish class too. Using skills that helped me in latin class I obtained many vocabulary words in Spanish. Also, since Spanish originates from Latin many of the words are the same.
e.i. amor n.-love(spanish) amor n.- love(latin)
This year in Latin I had many ups and downs. I feel a big event that hindered my Latin experience was Hurricane Sandy. I feel that it slowed me down having more than a week without internet connection. Some other issues were small, like difficulty with a grammatical topics, but I was always able to conquer the topic. I feel a large triumph was my final run and being able to accomplish so many stages in the smallest marking period. Another great triumph I had this year is . I learned a lot about myself as a student and person. I realized that if I don't stay on myself I tend to procrastinate a lot or get side tracked making me unable to complete what I need to do. But I also learned that when I do put my mind to it I can accomplish more than I ever thought.
I see myself connecting to the roman language from time to time. One way I connect to it in school is in Chemistry class. In Chemistry when you work with chemical reactions their are elements that precipitate out are called aqueous originating from the Latin word aqua. That is one of many reasons on how the "dead" language connects to my life today.
This post from my blog shows one of my accomplishments of me overcoming difficulties of procrastination and completing a post triumphantly.
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