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Feasibility Report Of a Day Care Center & Pre-School

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on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of Feasibility Report Of a Day Care Center & Pre-School

Projected Enrolments
The maximum capacity of the institute would be 60 students. However since it would be a new institute in the market, we have projected the first year intake at 25 students. The forecasted number of students can be seen in the table below,

Building size
The total area of the building would be 4500 square feet (one kanal). Its built area and lawn area is mentioned below.

News Paper
City 42 news paper
Local news papers

Billboards & banners
Near all our campuses and major roads.

Social media
Facebook, twitter, website

Pamphlets & brochures
Distribution of pamphlets in homes located near campuses and outside schools to attract more customers.


“To be the leader in providing child care facilities in safe and children friendly environment”

“To be a leading institute helping children to develop their intellect, creative skills & character enabling them to become a responsible citizen”

The primary objective of this study is to determine whether the opening of new day care centre & kindergarten facility at different locations in Lahore city would be financially viable or not. In order to find out this, a feasibility analysis was conducted.

It will give us a comprehensive picture of the current and forecasted demand for child care facilities, the market for day care services in the area, potential child care service types, child care center features, estimated initial investment and operational costs, and center operating model options.

Some keys facts about Lahore

Population: 10 million people approximately.
More than 5000 private schools
Around 1300 government schools.
60% of these schools are primary.
Only 25 day care centres.
No government facility for infant care.

“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you. We are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses as prisoners.

There is no sanction anywhere for the deplorable condition in which our women have to live.”

(Quaid-e-Azam M. Ali Jinnah, March 10, 1944)

Feasibility report of little angels day care center & preschool.

Marketing mix
Marketing mix is a combination of product, place, promotion and price. All four factors can be controlled by an organization. Product or service is what we want to introduce in the market, price tells us the cost of manufacturing and whether we will offer any discount or not. Place tells us the areas where our product will be available and our targeted market. Promotion covers all those strategies that will be used for the advertisement of our product.

Targeted market
The Little Angels will target the working professionals belonging to middle and upper class that are willing to pay for their child care. This group of people has the money for child care, and ready to spend a little extra to avail a higher level of care. This Little angel is especially designed for those who want something more than simply baby-sitting facilities.

Marketing strategies
Marketing of the institute would be done through different means like electronic media, print and social media, FM radio, billboards and distribution of brochures.

Marketing plan

Strength & weakness of our competitors

Building size

The total area of the building would be 4500 square feet (one kanal). Its built area and lawn area is mentioned below.

Projected Enrolments

The maximum capacity of the institute would be 60 students. However since it would be a new institute in the market, we have projected the first year intake at 25 students. The forecasted number of students can be seen in the table below,

Proposed product mix
Little angels would provide following services to its customers

Infant care
This infant care program is specially developed for infants of six months to two years old. It will provide them with lots of attention, care and a variety of appropriate activities specially designed for them. He/she would go through different experiences designed to meet an infant’s needs. Infants would be provided with all the necessary facilities like sleeping nook, toys, indoor playing area etc.

Preschool & kindergarten
The institute would have the facility of play group and kindergarten for its existing and new students. The age limit would be 2 to 5 years old. The main emphasis of this program would be the development of creative skills and grooming of child. The curriculum would include different activities, education material specially designed for young kids.

Proposed legal status of business
It is suggested that the project should be started as sole owner or partnership as not much initial investment is required and less taxes are applicable on such types of business.

Proposed geographical locations
After initial surveys and visits of various days care centres in different areas of city it is suggested to open five centres at different locations which are mentioned as below
Gulberg ( main campus)
Defence phase 3.
Johar town.
Iqbal town.

Back ground
One of the best and proven ways for facilitating working mothers to balance work and family lives is the establishment of Day Care Centres at their work places. The day care center would facilitate working women to better concentrate on their jobs and have a relief from their reproductive responsibilities during their working time.

To implement this idea it was decided to establish day care centres at different locations in Lahore offering specialized child care services for infants and pre-school facility for kids of two years and above.

The provisions of the constitution of Pakistan, granting equality to women in various spheres, create the legal framework which warrants affirmative action for economic and social advancement of women. Women as a mother hood of the nation should be strong, aware and alert. Women constitute half of the country's population and it is clear that there can be no development unless women's needs and interests are fully taken into account.

Lahore is the second largest metropolitan city of Pakistan. The population of Lahore has almost doubled in last 25 years. Due to such massive increase in population the inhabitants are facing various kinds of social & economical problems.

Strength & weakness of our competitors

Although there are almost 25 day care centres in Lahore but we have selected four as our main competitors. Reason being the same operating location and targeting similar customer market. They are,

Kinder care (Gulberg)
Tiny treasure (DHA)
The nest day care centre (Iqbal town)
First step (Faisal town)

Part3: Competitor analysis

Little angels
Little angels institute would be set up as an initiative to provide excellent quality pre-school education and child care facilities at an affordable rate to cater the needs of people. It will not only enhance their personal skills but will also groom their personality according to our social and moral values. The curriculum of the institute would enable children to learn in ways meaningful to them.

It will offer customized programs to children of different age groups, family cordial adaptable hours and an exceptionally outlined open air environment and play range while ensuring that kids are safe and glad in a situation that is fun and healthy for them.

Part 2: Introduction of the service

About report
The report unfolds the concept and need of Child Day Care Centres in a country like Pakistan. It explains how they can help working families particularly women and how child care services can help kids to develop characteristics like communication skills, confidence etc. which would be very helpful for them in later part of their life.

The feasibility reports also covers the locations where day care centres would be established, operational, marketing, HR strategies, initial investment and financial costs which would occurred as a result of their creation.

Part 1:Context

Part 1: Context
Part 2: Overview of the project
Part 3: Competitor analysis
Part 4: Marketing plan
Part 5: Financial statements & their analysis
Part 6: Conclusion


Electronic media
city 42
value tv
local cable channels
FM radio
FM 101
city FM 89
FM 106.2
The project would enhance the participation of women in the realm of economic activities and would also give a boost to the emerging demand of industrialization.The project would also enable the working women to strike a fair balance between their productive and reproductive responsibilities at workplace as well as in their families.
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