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Endangered Animals

No description

Prahasini Selvakumar

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

How are animals being threatened?
Endangered Animals
How this effects the animals and us?
Good reactions: * Animals can have a more safe and cleaner habitat to live in.
* Many predators will not eat the animals as their prey.
Bad reaction: * Will make decrease the animals population.
* May effect others opinions.

These are the effects of bad and good
reactions taken by humans.
Why its best to help?
What are endangered animals?
Endangered animals are species that are being killed, that there are a small amount of them on the planet now.

This means that they are starting
to become extinct.
How can we help ?

is because they might kill or harm them. E.g. they use white tigers skin to make fur coats.
*Breeding more animals.

We can help these animals by:
* Help by protecting their habitats so they
have a clean and safe area to live.
* Make sure that humans are not able to
enter the threatened animals home. This
*Food and fashion: this is when people eat the animals, e.g. Blue fin Tuna. People also use animals skin for fashion when making coats and boots. E.g. leather.

*Habitat destruction: this means that humans destroy wild land to make buildings and factories.
Thank you, for watching the presentation and I hope you now realize how animals have been threatened and that we will never be able to live in a world without any. Wildlife is vital for our lives.

By, Prahasini Selvakumar (7HE)
* Its great to help as it show generousity to other creatures on our planet.

* Animals have given most of the nature for our own homes.

* Having common sense to care about animals.

*Making a better change to the wildlife and the world.

* Making a stornger and more friendly relationship.

* Understand how animals are mistreated by others.

trapped in
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