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what task does the robot perform?

No description

Andrea Dolphin

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of what task does the robot perform?

The Robot B.E.A.R
Where is the robot used?
the military for search and rescue
How is the robot taught to perform its task?
Remotely controlled by a soldier through a device known as the iGlove.
What task does the robot perform?
What is its work envelope? (how many degrees of freedom or flexible joints does it have)
Bear envelopes 7 parts. This robot has over 20 degrees of freedom and in each arm there is six degrees of freedom.
Is the robotic end effector multi-functional?
Yes, First it can help pick up wounded soliders, Second it can distract enemies, & Third it can go in first and find anything suspicious in a room or car.
What human function or task does this robot simulate?
When medics pull wounded soliders out of combat.
Bear extracts wounded soliders from the war zone , opens door , and able the break through walls.
Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot
What sensors does the robot have and how does the robot use these sensors?
infrared, night vision, optical cameras. It uses Infrared to locate wounded soldiers, Its uses night vision to see at night, it use optical cameras for recording images.

Name some advantages and disadvantages of using a robot to complete this task
Not risking other lives
Can lift heavier objects than people can
Can be sent places harmful to humans
Cant Communicate
It Can Get Damaged
Describe the impact that this robot has had or could have on its intended audience.
That people can stay out of harm when BEAR goes to get wounded soldiers.
What types of jobs/careers can this robot create to provide employment for people?
Mechanical engineer
Robotics Engineer
Electrical engineer
Biomedical engineer
Aerospace engineer
Predict and explain how this robot may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future?
BEAR may have industrial and commercial applications added such as picking up, carrying, and safely moving heavy inventory.
By : Andrea & Dakota
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