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on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Buffalo

Buffalo Once it was estimated there to be about
45 million buffalo. The buffalo was essential for survival
for the Native Americans. They used every part of the buffalo, including the meat for food, the hide for teepees and clothing, teath for rattles, hooves for glue, and dung for fuel. Also Buffalo was a big part of there religion and there main sorce of meat was from the buffalo. What led to the decline of the buffalo? White men lead to the decline of the buffalo because they were making a trans-continental
railroad, they had to feed the workers, and buffalos were very easy to kill... So they killed them for the meat. Also white men brought cattle and horses and used the buffalo's land. So most buffalo were either starved or shot. At one point in time congress tried to pass a law to protect the buffalo
and prevent the mass killing of them. Sadly the bill was vetoed by the
presedent Grant.
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