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SMART Digital strategy by LeavingStone

No description

Ani zakareishvili

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of SMART Digital strategy by LeavingStone


create an
unique online position
of a retail store on Georgian Facebook

rise awareness about commodity products

new customers
to the supermarket

create and increase the
loyalty level
of the existing customers

create a distinct brand image -
(Point Of Difference)

direct customers' attention to the
the brand can offer on a daily basis

increase the frequency
of shopping at Smart
Brand Image
Campaign Feel Like Abroad
Based on two factors: 1. Georgians appreciate everything from abroad and 2. Smart sells some of the most distinct products for Georgian market that can not be purchased in any other supermarket withing Georgia, we decided to use the range of the products to our advantage. We will emphasize the origins of the products and create a feeling of shopping abroad.

As the visual simulators we will use placements from different movies as well as infographics of the product and their logo developments.
Campaign DIY
(Do It Yourself)
Video and photo tutorials of how household goods and supermarket materials can be converted into cool items. the trend of DIY is increasing.
Campaign Meter into Liter
The campaign will aim more frequent and loyal customers and motivate non-loyal to become one. Campaign also enhances


of the products with

Wissol Petroleum
Digital Strategy by
diverse product assortment
Feeling Like Abroad
appreciates loyalty
Good Service
Campaign Product Storyline
Knowing stories&specific information about the formation and development of a brand makes it more relatable and wanted, therefore increases its sales.
We decided to use simple checks as a means of communication and make them "smart". Every customer that buys anything in the store gets a check that has its unique code that determines the length of the check. User can enter that code in the mobile or Facebook application and accumulate the length (meters). after reaching certain length, the user will be able to convert them into liters of petrol in the Wissol gas stations.
Loyalty Cards & Mobile Application
People love specials and discounts! If we create a tradition of weekly specials, when a certain product is displayed in the entrance of the shop, make even a small discount and state the reasons of why s/he should buy the product, we can control sales of certain products.

The messages regarding this campaign will be communicated digitally (mainly on FB) as well as physically in the stores.
Campaign Keep the change
Why keep a change and load pockets with them, when we can find better use for them? On the way out we will ask customers if they would like to transfer the change to either the loyalty card or mobile account.
Weekly Specials
A loyalty (AKA Savings) Card is an integral part of building a loyalty system and CRM. For CROSS-SELLING purposes it should be compatible with Wissol.
We will also launch
a mobile application

that will display a
unique bar code

for every customer and be the digital version of a real life loyalty card.
X box = Happy customers
Fun and comfort are two great means of attracting customers!

We will install Xbox in the store and enable customers and their kids to play popular games such as Fruit Ninja, for instance. This will not only give parents an opportunity to shop freely while kids are playing, but also make Smart a destination where fun and must-do (grocery shopping) meet each other for grown-ups as well.
Occasional Bundles App & Campaign
We will make an application that will help customers shop grocery for certain occasions, such as
picnics or barbeques
, for instance.

The user will
choose the occasion
, indicate the number of people attending and buy a bundle of products prepared for the given situation. The bundle will be ready for the user to pick it up in the store.

By offering customers comfort such as this distinct service we will stimulate customer loyalty growth.
Application Logo Quiz
On Fb we will launch an application where customers can take a quiz on the logos of the products presented in the store. It creates a fun moment for the users and increases traffic flow.
Application Price Dumping
The following application will enable the users to reach a certain price on a specific product. The more users come into the app to push the "dump price" button the lower the price gets, until it reaches the price floor set by us beforehand. The price will be active within a limited time and possibly for limited amount of products.
Shopping list Fb&Mobile App
Users will be able to create, share and synchronize shopping lists with other people and devices.
The mobile application will enable customers to scan specific product bar codes for incorporating them in the list. The app will also count the total cost of the shopping list with scanned products.
Application guess the number
A fun application will be lunched on Smart's FB page. The app will state questions and display a quantitative bar where users will point the number they consider to be the answer. Users that mark the number closest to the correct answer will win.
This kind of fun application will attract more users to the FB page and increase traffic.
Check-In Lottery
Customers that check-in when entering the shop will have a chance to win 5%, 10% and 15% discounts for the purchase of that day.
Limited Deals and Discounts
We will offer our customers special deals and discounts on our products that they can purchase only during limited time and with limited amount.
For reference see swoop.ge's deals.
Interactive Banners
Interactive Banners are modern and quite effective way of catching customers' attention. They allow us to "speak" to potential consumers with customized messages and give them different information based on a couple of variables, such as time, for instance.

We will use them to communicate products such as coffee in the morning, lunch during a lunch-time and Dr.Pepper in the afternoon, for instance.
Build Brand Image
Create/increase loyalty Level
Create a household name
Build a strong customer base
Increase sales
More Perception!
| Less Reality

More Belief!
| Less Knowledge
our STROY:
what we want to tell
Smart has killer brands: Dr Pepper, Oreo, Starbucks;

Smart product quality is the same as in western countries;

Smart has best environment;

Smart provides western shopping experience;
What we want to
to the brand perception:

Smart is
technologically driven

Smart is using
up-to-date communication channels

Smart offers
value added services
to loyal customers;

Smart strengthens the image of
modern shopping experience
We will as well have special Product Weeks when certain product features and benefits will be emphasized and promoted digitally as well as physically.
Smart Milestone
The more customers know about our brand, they more they can relate and appreciate it! So we will communicate every single milestone from Smart's history on it's FB page, begging from the time when the first store opened, ending with current updates and achievements.
Culinary Channel
We will create a digital culinary channel for our customers where we'll share our favorite recipes with ingredients listed that can be purchased at Smart stores along with corresponding prizes.
Smart Cocktails
Smart will present it's customers a digital bar, where users can review a large variety of cocktail recipes along with the product prizes and video tutorials.
Smart money saving days
Periodically we will establish Smart Days, when our customers will be able to get special deals on certain products. This will allow us control traffic flow, as well as product sale level better.
Smart days will be communicated digitally on FB.
Campaign "Travel Abroad"
We will have country weeks when all the products of the same origin (for instance, Italian) will be displayed separately and promoted in the shop as well as on FB during the whole week.
As a support of this campaign we will post the recipes of food and beverages of that origin in our digital culinary channel as well.
The campaign will be promoted under the message that you don't have to leave your country in order to travel abroad!
Grocery Cards
In cooperation with one of the leading Banks (TBC, for instance) we will lunch a collaborative Visa Card that will benefit it's holders at all Smart stores.
This kind of activity is not only innovative and new to Georgian market, but it as well provides new pool of customers and some tools to enhance their loyalty level.
As a supporter of environment, we will sell recycled grocery bags that can be reused for multiple times.
Simple checks can also be converted into Smart ones by putting some
trivia facts
or the predictions in the
fortune cookie
"Shin" E-commerce
We will create a
digital catalog in Web, Facebook and Mobile
and give the users opportunity to buy products online with
delivery system
Wish-list APP
Creating and sharing wish-lists via social media is quite a common practice. We will create an application that will allow our users create and update their wish-lists and spread the word about what they want to purchase more easily.
Accomplished Tasks:
Page update (Profile&Cover)
Twitter account linked with FB page
Twitter designs
Campaign posters - coffee+croissant
Campaign "Sale on most wanted goods"
Reusable Poster for new branch openings
Page administration
Instagram Account activated
Welcome Tab
Facebook ad designs
DIY Poster series
Culinary poster series
Feel like abroad Posters
Product Storyline
Occasional Bundles Poster Series
35+ segment
Guess the number app
Interactive banners
Plans for near future
Logo Quiz app
Price dumping app
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