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Brand Personality & Positioning

No description

Neale Stadler

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Brand Personality & Positioning

? a set of human characteristics
associated with a brand What is Brand
Personality Feminine Masculine Authentic/Original Youthful/Fun Consumers often interact
with products as if they were human. What creates the brand personality? -Product-related characteristics
-Packaging or features
-Product attributes
-Sponsorships -User Imagery
Examples: -Age
Examples: -Symbol
Examples: Measuring Brand Personality Brand Personality Scale (BPS) Five Strongest Traits
Sincerity, Excitement, Competence
Sophistication and Ruggedness Sincerity Ruggedness Sincerity Excitement Competence Ruggedness SINCERITY EXCITEMENT COMPETENCE SOPHISTICATION RUGGEDNESS Down-To-Earth
Cheerful Daring
Up-To-Date Reliable
Successful Upper Class
Charming Outdoorsy
Tough + + + SINCERITY & COMPETENCE + + EXCITEMENT ? Why Use Brand Personality Enriching Understanding Contributing to a Differentiating Identity Guiding the Communication Effort Creating Brand Equity SELF EXPRESSION MODEL A brand helps express a personality through:
-Feelings Engendered by the Brand Personality
-The brand as a badge
-The brand becomes part of the self MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES -A brand can exemplify different personalities
in different context and roles In order to be effective, a brand personality needs to be desirable and important enough to matter to the person using the brand. " " THE RELATIONSHIP MODEL SINCERITY EXCITEMENT COMPETENCE SOPHISTICATION RUGGEDNESS Two elements affects relationship with the brand: 1. Relationship between brand-as-a-person and the customer
2. Brand personality (the type of person the brand represents) The brand as a friend What if the brand spoke to you?
"I'm so well known and established that I can do what I want."
"You have good taste." The Brand as an Active Relationship Partner Brand Relationship Quality 7 Dimensions of brand relationship quality 1 Behavioral Interdependence "This brand plays an
important role in my life." 2 Personal commitment "I will stay with this brand
through good times and bad." 3 Love and passion "No other brand can quite take
the place of this brand" 4 Nostalgic Connection "This brand will always remind
me of a particular phase in my life." 5 Self-concept connection "The brand reminds me of who I am." 6 Intimacy "I know a lot about this brand." 7 Partner quality "I know this brand really
appreciates me." The Functional Benefit Representation Model The Symbol Country or
Region Association Brand Personality User Imagery Brand Personality: the set of human characteristics associated with a given brand User Imagery: the set of human characteristics associated with the typical user of the brand SIMILARITIES Example: Nike DIFFERENCES Example: Levi's, Vicks 44 cough medicine CREATING USER IMAGERY -Actual users
-Undesirable actual users Example: Olay Face lotion How to differentiate between user imagery and brand personality Car Driver Brand personality as a sustainable advantage 1 2 3 Provides a means for customers to express their own identity suggests the kind of relationship that consumers should have with the brand represents and cues functional benefits Brand Positioning A brand position is the part of the brand identity and value proposition that is to be actively communicated to the target audience and that demonstrates an advantage over competing brands. " " ELEMENTS TO INCLUDE IN BRAND POSITIONING BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENTS Miler light is a genuine standard-strength lager from America that is smoother and easier to drink. (Target—eighteen- to twenty-four year old, male standard-lager drinkers, particularly those more interested in personal appearance. " " TARGET AUDIENCE ACTIVE COMMUNICATION DEMONSTRATE AN ADVANTAGE BE FEASIBLE
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