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Romina TV

romina tv


on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Romina TV

The History of
by : Romina
M.s Voss
4 grade
Black and white TV 1926
The first TV was the black and white TV. Black and white TV was a great invention but it did not do the broadcasting and talking at the same time. With radio you just got to listen but with the black and white TV you got to see the pictures and listen. It was more interesting to sit down to see the pictures and the voice then just hiring the voice.Black and white TV were the first TV.
Electronic TV 1934
After the black and white TV, the electronic TV was invented. The electronic TV was the first electronic and it had pictures and played sound all at the same time. The electronic TV was black and white TV. It helped people understand the show better but still was a little blurry. It made people communicate better and understand better to.It helped people understand the show better but stile a little blurry .
Color TV 1953
After the electronic TV existed the color TV was created. The color TV was the first TV that did broadcasting and talking at the same time. It was better to hear and see the picture at the same time than just hearing the talking apart. The color TV helped making the pictures brighter and stronger. Before, sometimes pictures got blurry and you couldn't see well. It made people enjoy more because of the brighter pictures. The color TV made the electronic TV better.
High - Definition TV 1998
The high - definition was invented in 1998. The first picture were really blurry but with the technology the pictures got better and better because of the new advanced work. Pictures got better by becoming very, very clear. It made people see easier and made you feel like you are there. It was the first TV that had very bright pictures.
Digital TV 2000s
The digital TV was created in the 2000s. The digital TV was the first TV that changed how shows were sent as signals. Before shows were sent as a show. But now shows are sent as a number code and the digital TV turns it back into a show. People invented the digital TV to have more shows. Before people didn't have as much of a variety. Now people can see almost everything. Digital TV is the biggest change over time for TV.-
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