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CyberPDX Introduction

No description

Wu-chang Feng

on 12 July 2018

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Transcript of CyberPDX Introduction

Understand how computers encode messages
German device for encrypting and decrypting messages in WW II

Multi-stage polyalphabetic substitution cipher
New York Times headline (March 1, 1917)
“Germany seeks allies against the USA and invites Mexico and Japan to join her”
Why Cryptography?
Throughout history, cryptography has changed the course of nations
What was this?
Zimmerman telegram (decoded)
Zimmerman telegram
What is this?
Enigma machine
Cryptography goals
Learn the basics of programming
Is it programmed securely?
With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, we are about to hand over much more control of the world to software and computer networks.
At least you can take it off if it isn't!
Why programming?
What is this?
Do you care if it is programmed securely?
What about this?
Who cares about pacemakers?
Should this worry you?
Programming goals
Examine the impact of cyberspace on policy and society
Why Policy?
Policy goals
Policy in cyberspace will need to address emerging problems that will impact individuals and nations
The "Why" of CyberPDX
Programmed securely, right?
Britain sends captured German codebook to the US (Feb. 24, 1917)
US ends 2 ½ years of neutrality and enters war in April 1917
Sent from German foreign minister (Zimmerman) to German ambassador of Mexico via US telegraph service (Jan. 20, 1917)
Secretly cracked by the British

Decoded messages estimated to have shortened war by 2 years and saved 14 million lives
Led to the development of the computer
Identify pitfalls in applying cryptography in the real world
Learn and apply multiple encryption schemes
Examine the use of hard computational problems in modern cryptography
Understand the difficulty of producing correct software
Examine the pitfalls of trusting software to work correctly
Explore laws, policies, and programs that must change or be created for the cyber-domain
Vulnerability disclosure
Should the government inform US companies of vulnerabilities it finds (0 days)
Then by criminals...
Peter Beinhart, “Think Again: Ronald Reagan”, Foreign Policy, June 7, 2010

Lou Cannon, “President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime”
Why Film?
War Games (movie - 1983)
WarGames, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
WarGames, Reagan, Arms Control
Film goals
Throughout history, the arts have influenced policy and driven public awareness of Computer Science, the Internet and cybersecurity
Learn concepts of filmmaking to produce impactful content
Cultivate creativity and imagination to produce compelling films for communicating the importance of cybersecurity and policy
Mr. Robot
Hacked by Russians
Should government do anything?
Technology addiction
A Better Way?
Bad news, it's by design
More bad news, it's our physiology
And the worst news, you are the most susceptible
Million-dollar question?
by North Korea...
Does it matter now?
Does it matter now?
My personal preference!
Final note
An embittered Japan Air Lines pilot, driven mad by the deaths of his son and brother during the conflict, flies his Boeing 747 directly into the U.S. Capitol during a special joint session of Congress

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debt_of_Honor
We need everyone to think outside the box

We need all of you
Debt of Honor (1994)
Preventing a Cyber-9/11
What event did this book foretell in 1994?
A book from long ago...
9/11 Commission Report
Have a great camp!
Contingency in case naval blockade of UK brings US into WW I
What if it were as addictive as nicotine or gambling?
...and it hits the same pathway as opiates
Do you trust them to keep them secret?
Leads to dawning of US cryptanalysis
Stalin's Spies of World War II
Russia with both western and eastern fronts
Deployed in Japan
Richard Sorge Hotsumi Ozaki
Sorge and Ozaki used encrypted radio signals transmitted from all over Tokyo to reveal Axis war plans
Allows Stalin to shift Siberian divisions to Moscow to throw back Hitler’s advance
Notifies Stalin of Japan’s intention not to attack Russia (September 1941)
Mr. Robot
Hidden Figures (2016)
Stay tuned...
50+ per day!
Retracing her steps...
What about this?
An enormous attack surface...
Book giveaway to first camper at office hours tonight who commits to reading it, then passing it along...
Leads to...
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