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The Essence of Friendship: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

No description

Sara Santos

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of The Essence of Friendship: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas The Essence of Friendship Why did Bruno and Shmuel become friends and stayed friends? How does the friendships that Bruno has in Berlin at the beginning of the movie compare with his friendship with Shmuel? Bruno was only friends with the people in Berlin because they attended the same school, and were also from Germany.
Bruno had no choice whether to become friends with the people he met in Berlin because he was with them every day. Have you ever done something bad to a friend? How does shame and remorse figure into the friendship between Bruno and Shmuel? Bruno sees Shmuel in his house cleaning glasses
They both get caught talking to eat other and Bruno denies the fact that he has met Shmuel before Why does Shmuel forgive Bruno? How? Shmuel forgives Bruno because it wasn't intentional, he probably knows he would've done the same thing
He has a forgiving heart and knows that Bruno would make up for it
Shmuel knows Bruno is a good friend
Bruno makes up for it by helping Shmuel look for his dad
Disguising himself as a Jew How do Bruno and Shmuel demonstrate the essence of friendship despite their many differences? What are their differences? Despite their circumstances because they were not meant to be together...
They continued to play together
Talked to each other about life
Forgave & helped one another How can people use the power of friendship to cross boundaries of race, religion, and culture? Game Bruno didn't have any friends there
Unexpected friendship
Bruno was there for Shmuel for most of the time
They enjoyed each other's company despite their physical and metaphorical barrier Shmuel
Lives in a concentration camp Differences Shmuel vs. Bruno Bruno
Lives in a nice home Agree/Disagree/Unsure 1) Friendship is important. 2) Shmuel should not have forgiven Bruno for his betrayal. 3 )Its Shmuel’s fault why Bruno died. 4) Bruno’s friendship with Shmuel was stronger than his friendship in Berlin. 5) Bruno became friends with Shmuel because he felt sorry for him. 6) Bruno’s attempt to help find Shmuel’s father was a mistake. 7) Bruno’s sister was brainwashed to believe Jew’s are the enemy. • Bruno refused to go back to Berlin to his old friends when asked by his father because of his new, stronger, everlasting friendship with Shmuel.
• Bruno took many risks just to be with Shmuel like: lying to his parents, stealing food for Shmuel, going to dangerous places to arrive at the concentration camp, and ultimately dressing up as a Jew to help Shmuel find his father. • Bruno really wanted to make up his betrayal to Shmuel by doing whatever Shmuel needed to be friends again.
• The only reason Bruno wanted to stay in their new house was to keep his friendship with Shmuel. 8) Pavel's kind attitude towards Bruno is the reason Bruno was not afraid to approach Shmuel 9) Bruno should have never spoken to Shmuel without his parents' permission. 10) Bruno's dad is the reason why Bruno died. Bruno feels really bad for saying that lie to him
He knows that he hurt Shmuel
And he wants to make up for what he has done to his friend
Keeps going back to the fence hoping that Shmuel would come out
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