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No description

Raven Mosquera

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of $2.

Soldiers in training
You can retire in the forces by the age of 60 even earlier depending on what category. For example if you were an infantry soldier and developed mental health issues even ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) you can get an early retirement
Monday, march 21, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Life in the forces
Life in the forces isn't always hard. It can be fun theirs a lot you can do.For example you can be a mechanic, electrician, infantry soldier and theirs a lot more you can do for the forces. they give you a reasonable amount of pay its different for what you wanna do.
Canadian Forces
Salary in the forces
The salary in the forces can range from $49,828 and $93,264 the hourly rate can range from $19.25 and $34.43 this depends on what field your wroking in and how long you have been working for the forces.
Hours in the force
The hours in the forces are diffrent depending on what you do. The reserves are 8 hours a day. And on the field the hours are usually extended depending on what is happening on the field.
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