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The Charmer

No description

Catherine L

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of The Charmer

This story is narrated by Zack's younger sister Winnifred. It takes place in a town in Canada, many years ago due to the old language used throughout the book
(ie. thy, servants, darling )
1. Who is the protagonist? Explain.

2. Which type of narration is used during the story? (ie. first person..)

3. What is the purpose of
this narration?

4. What is one of the main

5. Describe Zack's main characteristics.

6. What changed with Winnifred as she grew up?

7. What impact did Zack have on his family?

8. How can you connect with this story personally?
Biography -
Budge Wilson
Major themes/Symbols
1. Aesthetic concept
People are commonly affected and blindsided by Zachary’s beauty that they find it so easy to forgive him time after time
By: Budge Wilson
The Charmer
2. Selfishness
Takes advantage of situations and doesn't care how his actions impact others
3. Loss
family goes through loss of family members (first Lizzie dying, then Zack leaving)
This story is about a family that turns to chaos as they try to patch up every mess their eldest son Zack makes, as he takes no notice of what he’s doing to others.
Zack uses his charm and good looks to get out of situations as his family adores him.
When his charm starts to fade away and people start to get sick of him, he realizes he must face the consequences of his actions.
One of the symbols used during the story was an orchid it symbolized
love and affection
- Flat character
Undergoes no change throughout the story
- Dynamic Character
Goes through permanent change over the course of the story
Budge Wilson was born in Halifax on May 2nd 1927
She graduated from Dalhousie University with multiple degrees
Published her first book at the age of 56
Since then she has published 27 books (ie. Before Green Gables)
She received numerous awards such as 2 Ann Connor Brimer awards
In 2004 she was made a Member of the Order of Canada
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