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Copy of The Growth of Extreme Sports

No description

Jeffrey Wolfe

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Growth of Extreme Sports

The Growth of
Extreme Sports Over the past 20
years most sports
have reached
all-time highs. However, nothing
has grown in the
recent years as
much as Extreme
Sports Participant Growth Of Worldwide Sports How popular is each individual extreme sport? Arithmetic Sequences In Extreme Sports Growth Geometric Sequences In Extreme Sports Growth Some believe that Extreme Sports have become much more popular in recent years because the idea of risk is appealing to people that are "bored" of living safe lives. As these sports have become more well known, they have joined the mainstream sports market, greatly increasing their popularity However, what does the future hold for Extreme Sports? The Future Of Extreme Sports
(According to Geometric Sequence) All basic sports have remained relatively constant in popularity while extreme sports have skyrocketed On average, the Extreme Sports category has risen at a pretty steady pace, increasing by an average of 1.44 million participants each year since 1990, and they are still projected to grow over the years Although the data is more suited to be calculated by a arithmetic equation, we can still use a geomentric formula but it will become less accurate as the numbers get larger. The common ratio for the extreme sports sequence is 1.1345 and the first term is 1.5 therefore the general term is: tn=1.5(1.1345)^(n-1) The Future of Extreme Sports
(According to Arithmetic Sequence) The Future looks very bright for Extreme Sports. However, what if the pattern did not continue?
There is the possible chance of the pattern falling a slight bit in the next 10-years. Looking back at the other sports, they all have a time where they hit a plateau in their popularity, and it is very likely that the extreme sports category will too. Extreme Sports are considered realtively new, so it is difficult to determine when this plateau could occur. This sport type generally is centered around the youth audience, and due to their danger, many will stop when they get older, which could cause this plateau to occur within the next 10 years. In order to create more accurate predictions, term 1 will start at the year 1990 but it's value will still be 1. We can use this general term to
determine term values in any
given year: tn=2.2+(n-1)1.44 This graph predicts far better and more realistic growth because the values do not grow exponentially Extreme Sports are sports that have a high level of inherent danger. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear or spectacular stunts. Towards the end of the graph you can see that the participants increase by 13 million in one year, the odds for this to actually occur are very unlikely Many people think that extreme sports are very dangerous and should not be practiced but the government believes that the few injuries that occur from these sports are better than the health problems associated with obesity so they're basically just glad that these sports are making kids active. Jon Robinson & Chris Nugent
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