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on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of CULTURAL


Your Responsibilities as a Refugee/Asylee
American Culture and Values
Each U.S. Community is different
- How is Northern Colorado different from your home country??
- What things have you heard about these communities?
Americans value self reliance and hard work
- To find a job as soon as possible
- Take care of yourself and your family
- Learn English

In the United States education is an important key in being successful. There are many different types of school, the U.S. provides and has that best fit families.
Junior High
High School

What we can do, who does what, and who should you talk to…

Your Role at LFS
Making appointments

Notifying people if you cannot make it to your appointment or if you need help with transportation

Setting up your cell phone
and checking it regularly.

Food in the United States
Food in the U.S. might be very different
than food back home.

Eat lots of fruits and veggies
Limit junk food
Drink water instead of soda and juices
Bonus-costs a lot less!
In the US, you can drink water from the sink!

Housing in America
Types of Housing
Emergency Shelters
Subsidized Housing
Market-Rate Apartments or House
They can be rented/leased or own.

Filling out application
Background Check
Credit Check if you have it
Security Deposit
This makes sure that you will be a good tenanted.

Cleaning Your Apartment
Living Area
Clean once a week – vacuum carpet, tables, picking any thing on the floor or furniture.
Making sure that everything in the living area is clean to protect furniture, carpet, blinds and any other areas
Clean about every day – floor, countertops, oven top, fridge and any other appliances.
This helps insure health safety and prevents getting sick from eating something.
Take out trash daily.
Store food in necessary areas.
The Bathroom
Clean once a week
Cleaning toilet and bathtubs.
Filling bathtub to correct level so it doesn’t over fill.
Clean water on floor to prevent damage on tile.

Being a Good Neighbor
Get to know your neighbors
Being a good neighbor yourself.
Respect each other
Respect different culture, race, background.
Respecting people that live around you
Watch noise level
Call leasing office if the noise becomes a problem.

Lutheran Family Services Rocky mountains is an affiliate of Lutheran Immigration and refugee Service (LIRS). We serve all people without regard to race, creed, origin, age or gender.
Life in the United States
What have you heard or learned about life in the U.S.?
What is one hope you have about life in the U.S.?
What is one concern you have about life in the U.S.?
Show Welcome to the United State Video if you have it.

Rights as a Refugee/Asylee
The AOR: What is it? (Affidavit of Relationship)

You can file for your family members to join you
in the United States as refugees

Your Rights as a Refugee/Asylee
Rights from Colorado Department of Human Services – Refugee/Asylee Services, you have the right:

To be treated with respect regardless of your race, religion, national origin, ethnic group, clan, political affiliation, legal status, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, financial status or ability in English.
To have an interpreter provide at your scheduled appointments for resettlement services, health screenings and clinic visits, and public benefits or low-incoming housing.
To be informed of the laws in the United States, how those laws might be different than your home country, and how violating those laws could result in your removal from United States.
To know what services you are eligible for, and why you are not eligible for other services.
To know how all funds related to your case are allocated or spent.
To have access to your case file

Your Rights as a Refugee/Asylee
To receive case management & employability services throughout your five years of eligibility. Services will be matched to your independence & integration.
To participate actively in developing & updating your resettlement & family self-sufficiency places for as long as you need assistance, up to five years of eligibility.
To be given referrals for services as needed, & accessing those services if needed.
To have all records kept confidential unless released by a signed consent or as required by law.
To know who your case manager & employment specialists are & to be informed if those change.
To receive a free public health screening & immunizations within the first 90 days from your date of arrival in the U.S., as well as appropriate health referrals & follow-up. Free immunization appointments are only available within the first 90 days of arrival to the U.S., unless you have other health insurance benefits that cover immunizations.

Your Rights as a Refugee/Asylee
You have the right to be informed about transportation options.
To be paid CARES case assistance & be informed of all policies controlling those payments.
To receive an early employment incentive, if within 3 months of your arrival in the U.S. if you have secured employment that would make you ineligible for CARES cash assistance.
To file a grievance in accordance with established policy in the events services are not rendered in a satisfactory manner.
To complain about services or providers without fear of retaliation.
To conciliation before your CARES case assistance funds are reduced or terminated for failure to satisfactorily participate in your self-sufficiency plan. Employability & case management services would also be terminated with the exception of case management services for significant health or mental health issues, which would not be affected.
To appeal decisions that adversely affects receipts of benefits.

Your Rights as a Refugee/Asylee
Your Miranda Rights:
If you are arrested, an officer should always read you your Miranda Rights. These rights allow you to refuse to answer any questions asked of you. You can remain silent! This is because anything you say after you are arrested can be used as evidence against you in court.


Your Responsibilities as a Refugee/Asylee
To cooperate with resettlement agency staff & services providers.
To attend all appointments, orientation sessions, clinic & doctor appointments on time. In the U.S. time is very important concept. It is better to be early than late,
To work hard & to the best of your ability towards self-sufficiency.
To comply with your family self-sufficiency & employment service plans.
To attend all required orientation sessions, appointments & training sessions, if referred.
To repay any overpayments of CARES cash assistance.
To learn the public transportation system
To tell you resettlement agency if you have any problems or concerns about your services.

To treat others with respect. In the U.S. people are expected to speak in calm, polite & moderate voices. Shouting, excessive gesturing & threats are inappropriate & will not be tolerated.
To obey the laws of the United States, & to ask questions about any explanation of those laws that you do not understand.
To keep resettlement agency informed of changes that relate to your address, phone number, family composition, employment & household income.
To register with only one resettlement agency & other providers. If you go to the agency or provider’s office without an appointment or after your scheduled appointment, you may not be assisted.

Conciliation & Sanction Process
Each CARES client has the responsibility to comply with their family self-sufficiency & employment service plans.

This is the plan that you & your case manager will develop that will assist you in becoming self-sufficient & employed within the shortest period of time. The plan may include, if needed , English language instruction focusing on English as it relates to obtaining & retaining employment , Work Styles, Work Intensive Skills Camp & job search assistance & placement . While a resettlement agency cannot require an employer to hire you, they are able to assist you in obtaining a job.
Grievance Procedure
First, speak with the staff member concerned regarding the issue & attempt to resolve the issue or concern with that staff member.
If you believe the issue or concern has not been resolved, you may request a meeting with the appropriate supervisor & the staff member. An appointment will be arranged for you within five working days.
If you believe the issue or concern has not been resolved, you may request a meeting with the director of that agency’s refugee program & the staff member’s supervisor.
If you are still not satisfied after following these steps, you may contact the Colorado Refugee Services Program at 303-863-8211, ext 17 & schedule an appointment to speak with Marilyn Eaton regarding the concerns you have about the services provided or manner of treatment. A written response, in your language unless you are fluent in English, will be provided to you within 10 business days of that meeting. If you are not literate in your language, an interpreter will be provided to explain the written response.

It is important to ask questions
Asking questions shows that you are trying to learn.
Don’t be afraid to ask, most Americans are happy to help.

Practice asking questions

American Culture and Values
American Culture and Values
We have a very informal culture in the U.S. compared with many other countries

Greeting people
Practice with your neighbor
Practice with family members

Cleanliness and hygiene are important in the U.S.
- Shower or bath regularly
- Use soap
- Use deodorant
Keep children clean

Clean home regularly to avoid pests and illness

American Culture and Values
Following rules:

Waiting in lines

Following traffic laws and signs.

Carry ID

American Culture and Values
Right to Read (Greeley)
Other classes
Global Refugee Center
Front Range Community College (Fort Collins)
English classes
GED classes & testing
Other classes
Colorado State University (Fort Collins)
All types of classes depending on major and the student wants to learn about.

Education for Your Children
Children are required by law in the U.S. to attend school.
School varies from preschool to high school.
We will help find the school your children will attend.
We will help you register your children for school.

Law enforcement in the United States
What was the role of the police in your home country?

How did the police act in your country?

In the United States, the police are not corrupt. Never try to bribe them!

Safety Awareness in Northern Colorado
taying safe
Keep windows and doors locked, know what areas to avoid after dark, do not carry large amounts of cash.

Safety in Northern Colorado
What the police are here for
When should you contact the police
What to do if you feel unsafe
What to do if someone commits a crime against you
General laws…

You are in a partnership with LFS to achieve success in the U.S.

You must actively participate in order to be successful. We cannot do it for you.
Following through with your commitments, punctuality, and letting people know if you can’t make an appointment are important for success.

Role of Lutheran Family Services
Role of Lutheran Family Services
We can help you connect with community and social services.
Benefits & health insurance
English classes
School enrollment, communicating with your children’s teachers, etc.
Employment services
Making American friends

Employment Services
We are here to help our clients achieve

Employment American Business Culture
Jobs in America are DIFFICULT to find

Employment Specialists = Very Busy

No English = Only a few jobs

No education = Only a few jobs

Open to any job = More job options

November and December = Very hard to find jobs

Employment American Business Culture
What if I get hurt?
Tell your supervisor right away!! and go to company doctor
Dr. will give you a note to bring to your supervisor
Company will give you different job
Go back to your old job ASAP
If you do not return, you will lose the job
Remember that it’s okay to ask for help if your ill or hurt.

Employment American Business Culture
How do I quit?

Tell your employer 2 weeks BEFORE you quit

Tell them why

Look for a new job for yourself

Ask for a reference

Employment American Business Culture
Fill out an application_____ f.

Interview______ d.

Wait for a call_____ e.

Drug test_____ b.

Training _____ c.

Start work ____ a.

Learning to use the bus system in Northern Colorado

It’s very important to learn the bus systems.

Finding Your Way Around In Greeley
Finding Your Way Around in Fort Collins
Each individual color is a different bus route.
Health and Wellness
Healthy eating plate gives a guideline on how much vegetables, whole grains, fruits and protein to consume in a healthy portion.

Health And Wellness
Keeping balance of each stage will help insure a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Health
If you aren’t feeling like yourself and feeling something might be wrong. It’s okay to seek for help.

Talk with your case manager
Get checked out by doctor
Take medication provided and approved by doctor.

Physical Health
Salud Health Clinic
Free health screening
Sunrise Health Clinic
For follow-up care
What to do if you are sick or your children are sick.
Take them to the doctor
Urgent Care
ER (only for emergency)
Example – bleeding heavy from cut on hand when making dinner.
Dial 911

Grocery Stores and Farmers’ Markets
King Soopers/Safeway
Farmer’s Market
There are also many organic markets other
Markets to go to.

Wellness 5-2-1-0
5 servings of fruits and veggies
Less than 2 hours of TV or “screen” time a day
1 hour of physical activity
0 sugar sweetened beverages (soda, juice, etc.)

Housing In America
The Lease
The lease covers your rights and responsibilities.
Make sure that you sign and know the rights, terms under the lease.
Different rules on the lease
The amount that is going to be paid
If you don’t understand it don’t sign it.
The Walk Through
The owner and yourself will make sure that everything in the rented apartment or house isn’t damaged and if it is, you have checked it off showing it was damaged when you moved in.
This is to make sure you don’t get additional charges for the damages.
Paying Bills
Managing your bills – pay bills on time and conserve your energy.
It’s your responsibility to pay for the bills that are titled to you.
Types a bill – phone, utilities, trash, water, or any other type of bill.
If you can’t pay it on time, its good to call the office.

Housing In America
Notice & Mail – communication between tenant and property manager.
Evictions, Pest Control, Events or other issues.
It’s very important to read and know about the notice.
Knowing the difference between junk mail and important mail.

Pest and Bugs Away
Clean everything that you feel needs cleaning
Pick up after yourself
Clean common areas
Keep rice & other food wrapped up & off floor
Cleaning will help limit pest and bugs
Take garbage out daily
Clean spill but don’t use blench
Check all furniture that is brought into home before bring them in.
If any pest or bugs are in apartment or house, let the property manager know so that they can take of it.

Repairs in House
If there is any type of repair that is needed
You want to call property manager to let them know about the
problem and they will come as soon as possible to fix it.
It important to learn how each appliance is used correctly
If there is any question, you can ask your property manager.

Finding a safe place you feel you want to live.
Watching out for poison on walls – lead paint (ask landlords)
Keep all cleaning products and medication out of reach from children
Cleaning will help safety of children
Keep an eye on children
There are safety devices that will help keep you safe in your home.
Smoked detector
Lock your doors and windows.
In case of emergency call 9-1-1 if someone is in serious trouble.
Someone is hurt
Cut or on the ground
Life threat
Non emergency call number in your area

It’ s okay to ask if you need help.
Case managers
Community Associations
Police Officers
Learning how to adapt to America but not losing who you are.
Getting help from others.
Ask questions, advice or any other needs.

Fun things to do in Northern Colorado!!!
Community Centers
Zoo in (Denver)
Walking and biking paths
Yoga and martial arts
Cultural Events
EPIC Center
Ice Skating
Hockey Games

“Inspired by the compassionate love of Christ, LFS walks with the vulnerable through services that heal, strengthen and provide hope”
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