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Science Prezi

Heat in the Environment and Water Systems

Colin Nickel

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Science Prezi

Create a Prezi that will teach the class about a topic related
to Heat in the Environment (Gr. 7's) or Water Systems (Gr. 8's)

Learning Goal:
Heat in the Environment
(Gr. 7's)
Grade 7's: Choose 1 of the following Topics...
Water Systems
(Gr. 8's)
Gr. 8's: Choose 1 of the Following Topics...
The Power of Water - Malcolm & Riley
The Water Cycle - Allison & Adam
The Water Table - Macey & Camryn
Water Treatment - Charlotte & Nathan
Floods - Riley N. & Conner M.
Lakes and Rivers - Skylar & Gabe
Glaciers - Murray & Connor N.
Ocean Currents - Isaac & Beth
Weather & Climate - Brendon & Carsyn
Waves - Katie & Jade P.
Tides - Jade H. & Ariel
Deep Sea - Nevaeh & Faith & Rachael
Oil from the Ocean Floor - Marisa & Liam
Water as a Precious Resource - Kelly & Emilia
Measuring Temperature
Changes of State - Beth
Heat and Weather Patterns - Ariel
Radiation - Gabe
Heat and the Water Cycle
Heating Homes - Jade
Wasting Heat - Talea
Producting Heat - Mechanical, Chemical, Electrial, and Nuclear Energy - Kelly
Heat Pollution - Connor
Solar Heating - Skylar
Success Criteria - Prezi
15-25 Frames / Pathways
Titles, Subtitles, and Information
Science Vocabulary
Diagrams, Images and one Video (max. 30 sec.)
Written in your 'OWN Words' (not copy and paste)
Smooth Transitions
Accurate Facts and Info on Topic
Easy to Read
Visually Appealing

Success Criteria - Presentation
Know your Topic (Do not read word for word)
Eye Contact with Audience
Proper Posture
Voice - Volume, Clarity, Enthusiasm, Fluid, Expression, etc.
YOU become the EXPERT!
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