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University Transfer Basics

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Becca Stein

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of University Transfer Basics

University Transfer ...Final Thoughts 1st Things to Consider It's never too early to begin planning for your transfer to a university.
Start simply by taking a moment to reflect on a few questions:

1. Where are you interested in transferring to?
2. What college majors are you considering?
3. What concerns do you have about transferring?
4. What is one question you have about transfer? Meet with University Representatives during Transfer Events
on the YC Campus Discover what each University has to offer You by attending 4 Semesters before Transferring:
Take classes that will meet general education requirements, will help you explore your interests, and will fulfill major requirements.
Explore college majors and degrees. Consult with your academic advisor, college instructors, and Career Center personnel/resources to assist you with choosing your major.
Begin researching universities that offer majors that interest you.
Pay attention to required course sequencing and GPA requirements for your program. 3 Semesters before Transferring:
Choose your college major and degree.
Compare transfer institutions and narrow your choices.
Visit the university prior to applying.
Get to know your chosen transfer institution’s academic calendar, admission requirements and priority dates, deadlines and degree requirements.
Make the most of your YC degree by taking classes that will transfer and meet core requirements in your bachelor's degree program.
Use aztransfer.com to research majors and course equivalencies.
Research and apply for transfer specific scholarship opportunities. 4 3 2 2 Semesters before Transferring:
Continue selecting courses that transfer appropriately within your program of study.
Submit your application for admission, including all official transcripts and other required documents, such as immunization records and test scores.
Discuss the possibility of an application-fee waiver with your SSS TRiO advisor.
Determine the best time to apply for financial aid. Each university has specified deadlines.
Apply for university housing, if needed. Map Your Timeline 1 1 Semester before Transferring:
Complete transferable coursework in your major.
Apply for YC graduation - be sure to request an AGEC certification on your transcript.
Send final official transcript after the term is completed and the grades, AGEC and degree are posted.
Attend new student orientation session.
Register for classes at your transfer institution.
Complete YC Financial Aid Loan Exit Counseling, if applicable, and assure that you do not have any administrative holds. Your Timeline may be different Consider when the best time for YOU to transfer may be. There are advantages in waiting until each of the following:
After 24 credit hours to be considered a college transfer
After completion of the AGEC
After completing an Associate's degree Take to the Road: Join SSS TRiO each semester for our University Field Trips! What Factors Should You Consider as You Make Your Decision? What majors are offered?
What is the tuition rate? Is it affordable?
Is the campus location convenient to your needs?
Are classes offered in a variety of formats, such as in-person lecture, online, or hybrid?
Does the college have a TRIO program?
Where do students go if they need assistance?
What campus groups are available?
What is the average class size?
What is the student:faculty ratio?
What living arrangements are available?
Will you be eligible for any scholarships? and doing your research Research college major guides, the Course Equivalency Guide, second-language requirements, and more at Transfer Events http://www.aztransfer.com Navigating Your Research application deadlines on university websites.
Stay organized by using a checklist and calender to track important information.
Meet with your SSS TRiO academic advisor each semester to make sure you're on track for graduation and transfer.
If you experience problems with your transfer to ASU, NAU or UA, contact YC's Arizona Transfer Liaison.
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