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No description

David Algie

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Rapport

What is Rapport? A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well And how is that relevant to me? Because without some level of rapport our customers will not feel comfortable or indeed confident buying off of you It's not always an easy skill but let's start off with some easy pointers Open your calls with a smile Smiling is infectious!
A smile can be "heard" and is naturally more welcoming and relaxing. Your caller will subconsciusly appreciate it and like you Show the customer you are a human and can interact with them on a level that suits them. Consider different options like humour or empathy. Break the Ice early 2 1 Questions make great icebreakers as we all love to talk about ourselves! Key Tip Be genuine in your interest
Don't get too personal with your questions
Listen to the response
Give feedback
Move on - Think of these questions as short sharp handshakes Icebreaker Questioning Activity Write down 3 questions you might use in the first minute of a call that you have never used before. Now try them out on each other! Listen Well -
Focus on the customer 3 There are many distractions in our office but we must focus on the customer and what they are saying to us otherwise we might miss crucial information. Customers rightfully get upset when they know the person they are speaking to is not listening to them which can instantly destroy any rapport built so far Show the customer you are listening Active listening Respond frequently with gentle noises of repsonse or recognition. Let them finish Allow the speaker to finish what they are saying - practiose this with every call.
If you intterupt the call can often become frutrated. Use words that your caller uses 4 Listen for words your customer uses and use them back during your conversation. Pay particular attention to any adjectives (the words they use to describe things)

They have chosen those words so they have a relevance to the customer. If you choose another word it may not have the same meaning to the customer. Example The caller describes there financial state as "tough" In this case when you respond it is worth using the term as it helps show you listened but also helps the customer feel at ease as you are using their own terminology. "I understand you are finding things tough financially at the moment and want to ensure you can plan effectively, one of the interesting things about the XXXX Life Cover is that the price is fixed at todays sum until cancellation and as such you can plan based around that." Match your speed 5 Every person has a different natural talking pace that is comfortable for them. Listen to your customers pace and match accordingly.
This helps the customer feel like you are on their "wavelength" and can help subconsciously build rapport. Important Speed matching is always within reason. You are not expected to go to either extreme of fast or slow but to go closer to that pace. Show Empathy with your customer 6 One of the most effective ways to build rapport is by showing good empathy with your customer. Empathy is often shown by your choice of words but also by the sincerity with which they are delivered so it is important that you try and be genuine in your responses Empathy - The ability to understand and share the feelings of another Definition Some key words/phrases that show empathy Examples I understand Anything starting with "I" This shows you are personally taking ownership or are personally interested and is often appreciatted by customers Often used by customer service professionals and provided it is said with meaning is useful. often best followed up by re-stating what it is you understand! I'm Sorry Provided there is something you/the company (The same thing in a customers eyes) have actually done wrong it is important to apologise and then move directly onto the solution available Take advantage of the script but don't let it own you! 7 Our scripts provide us with important structure and are crucial to ensureing certain things are included and said correctly but.......... Put your personality and stamp on it! Dan Harrison UIB Managing Director showing how it's done! Use inflection, modulation and changes in pitch to make it sound like you are not reading Adjust the order of your script to your advantage and when you know it's compliant use your own phrases in place so that it fits your personality and comes out more naturally which will sound better to your customer. Activity How do you use the script? Write down how you use the script I read what is in front of me
I like to change the order a little
I have particular points where I add real emphasis
I have some additional lines I like to use
I find it is a guide that I can follow without saying the specific words on it
I do it the same way every time Lets share some of the extras we add that we find build particular rapport or bring customers onside with us Be friendly, relaxed and most importantly yourself! 8 You can be the consumate professional and still be friendly.
It's easily ahcieved by taking advantage of good inflection, controlling your voice and laughing with the customer, (even if their jokes are bad!) Ultimately though you must be yourself as trying to be someone or something else can make you uptight and this can act as a serious block to rapport building Enjoy and embrace rapport building as ultimately it will make you more productive and engaged with the calls while also being more fun for both you and the customer. Union Income Benefit - David Algie Version 1 - 10/02/2012 Todays Objectives You will be able to: Define what rapport is and how it will benefit you Explain 8 of methods of rapport building within a call Rapport
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