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Glasl: 9 stage model of conflict escalation

course: intercultural conflict management

Elena Dyulgerova

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Glasl: 9 stage model of conflict escalation

Stage 2: Debates and polemics

Verbal confrontations

Pushing through own standpoints

Rational arguments vs Emotions

Partly commited to common goals

Further talking is useless and acting without consulting the other side

Stage 4:
Images and Coalitions
Creating images

Conflict activities are focused on gaining the upper hand

Glasl's Nine-Stage Model of Conflict Escalation
Stage 1: The Hardening

Problem - irritation

Clear bounderies

Stage 3: Actions, not words
Actions, non-verbal communication dominate

Verbal communication is reduced

Believe: further talk will not resolve anything

it continues.....
Stage 5: Loss of face

The “face” is hurt.

The conflict parties feel that the other party discover an inmoral inside.

The conflict is now reinterpreted.

The conflict is about prevalence of holy values.

Stage 6: Strategies of threats
Threats are used to show determination.

Threats are made more concrete to prove seriousness.

Threats are formulated as ultimatums to force the counterpart to a decision.

Stage 7:
Limited Destructive Blows
No solution including the counterpart

Counterpart = ennemy and should be destroyed

Lose-Lose Struggle

Stage 8: Fragmentation of the enemy
Attacks intensified
Negotiators, represantives and leaders may be targeted.

The parties fall apart into factions that fight with each other.

Situation is completly uncontrollable.

The main objective is destruction
Stage 9:
Together into the abyss
Point of no return.

Destruction of enemy is less important that own survival.

Thank you for your attention!!!
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