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JFK Assassination Conspiracy

No description

Josh Navarro

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Jfk Assassination Conspiracy By: Josh Navarro and Cassidee Griffin John F. Kennedy arrived in Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 22, 1963 as part of his unannounced presidential campaign. At 12:30 p.m. Kennedy's limo pulled into Dealey Plaza. Shortly after, the first gunshot was heard. Many later thought it was a firework or a blowout. Seconds after the first shot was fired, two others were fired. The second bullet struck JFK's throat, then entered through the back of Governor Conneley and exited through his chest moving downward through his wrist and into his thigh. This second shot is known as the "magic bullet" because of its seven entrance and exit wounds. The third and final shot hit Kennedy in the front side of his head. What people agree on: There were at least three shots fired
It was around 12:30 in the afternoon
JFK was hit twice
The second bullet went through JFK and Governor Connally
The third bullet was the one that killed him
JFK was definitely killed
Lee Harvey Oswald was shot before questioning by Jack Ruby Things people don't agree on: Only three shots were fired
The position of the riflemen
Where the bullet struck
That there was only one gunman
That Oswald was guilty
That the Zapruder film is accurate
The involvement of Jack Ruby
The involvement of the CIA
What caused JFK's head snap
The involvement of the mob
The multiple conspiracies What (might Have) Really Happened...dun dun duuuuun The Kennedy assassination might have been all part of a scandal involving the Mafia, where Jimmy Hoffa wanted JFK's brother, Bobby, dead. So to get to Bobby, Hoffa went after Kennedy. Oswald was involved, but may have backed out at the last minute, shooting at one of the other gunmen located near the Railroad Overpass. Oswald missed his first shot, and it hit concrete near James Tague. Later, after all three gunshots were fired, bystanders report seeing three men dressed in suits running toward a train, and jumping on. Just before Oswald was going to be questioned, Jack Ruby, who may have also been involved in the Mafia, shot and killed Oswald in order to keep him from telling the names of the people involved with the assassination. Our Evidence: The third shot fired by the gunmen hit JFK in what appears to be the front right side of his head.
JFK's head shot backward after the third shot, which would be impossible if the shot came from behind JFK, where Oswald was standing.
Oswald was a former Marine sniper, ranked as a sharpshooter, it is extremely unlikely that Oswald would have missed from the 180 feet that he shot from, compared to the 200 yards that he shot from to qualify as a sharpshooter.
Oswald was shot by Ruby before questioning, which leads us to believe that Oswald was hiding something, and Jack Ruby didn't want him telling the truth.
Oswald referred to himself as a "patsy" which is the Mafia's term for a scapegoat, or someone who takes the blame for everything. Oswald denied killing anybody. But supposedly only killed police officer J.D. Tippit.

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