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Charlotte's Web

No description

Nadine S.

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Charlotte's Web

- Sticky Board Activity
- "Who am I?" Activity
- Video Viewing
- Comprehension Question Handout
- Class Discussion on Human/Animal Friendship
- Spider Web Activity
- Class Discussion on Loneliness
- Chronological Order of Events Activity
- Tic-Tac-Toe Activity
- Handout on Differences Between friends
- Closure Activity
This Period's Menu!
Fern's Love for Wilbur
Wilbur's Lack of love
Have you ever felt any of the emotions that were listed in the spider web activity?
Sticky Board Activity
- Place the adjectives/facts under the respective character.
Charlotte's Web
Lesson Designed by:
Students Teachers,
Mahrnoush Lari &
Nadine Abdel Shamy

"Who Am I?" Activity
- Match events from the novel with the correct character.
Video: Fern Saves Wilbur
Handout: Comprehension Questions (Ch 1-4)
1- A runt is an animal that is smaller than all the other animals
2- Because runts are smaller and weaker than other animals, and typically do not amount to anything. Runts also often die.
3- B (Upset)
4- A (Wilbur)
5- She warmed and fed him milk out of a bottle.
6- She took him on walks.
7- B (He was big enough to be sold)
8- They were Fern's uncle and aunt. They owned a farm. She convinced them to take Wilbur so that she can stay close & visit him.
Class Discussion on Human and Animal Friendship
Spider Web Activity on Emotions
What were some of the emotions Wilbur felt in chapter 4?
Class Discussion on Loneliness
Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever felt as though you don’t belong?
Chronological Order of Events Activity
Charlotte’s Love for Wilbur
Tic-Tac-Toe Activity
Charlotte’s Love for Wilbur
Tic-Tac-Toe Activity
Charlotte’s Love for Wilbur
Tic-Tac-Toe Activity
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Handout on Differences Between Friends
Closure Activity
What does the expression "Don't judge a book by its cover" mean?
How does this expression apply to Charlotte's Web?

Hint: Think about the characters.
B) Mr. Arable wants to kill Wilbur because he is a runt, but Fern insists this is unjust.
A) At Zuckerman’s barn, Wilbur has trouble making friends.
C) Close to bedtime, Wilbur’s horrible day gets a little better when a voice calls down to him that it will be his friend.
D) Fern saves Wilbur and decides to take care of him.
F) When Wilbur gets a bit bigger, he is sold to Homer Zuckerman.
E) Wilbur meets Charlotte. She is not what he expected her to be.
Let's explore the differences
between friends!

1- How does Charlotte's voice sounds when she first speaks to Wilbur? p. 35
2- At what time of the day does Wilbur sees Charlotte? p. 35
3- When does Wilbur hear Charlotte's voice for a second time? p. 35
4- According to Charlotte, what are salutations? p. 35
5- What size was Charlotte? p. 37
6- Where is Charlotte's web located? p. 36
7- In what tone did Charlotte speak to Wilbur with once they finally met? p. 36
8- What is Charlotte's full name? p. 36
9- How does Charlotte describe the appearance of a spider? p. 37
1- Does Charlotte thinks she is a flashy spider?
2- Why can't Charlotte see Wilbur clearly?

3- Name 2 characteristics of Charlotte's web.
4- Name 3 insects Charlotte eats her web.
5- Does Charlotte actually eats insects?
6- What does Charlotte do after wrapping insects?
7- What is the occupation of a spider?
8- How does Charlotte describe Charlotte in p. 39?
9- How does Wilbur view Charlotte's spinning web as?
p. 37
p. 37
p. 37-38
p. 39
p. 38
p. 38
p. 39
p. 39
p. 40
1- According to Charlotte, what would happen if spiders stopped catching bugs to eat them? p. 40
2- What does the goose reveal to Wilbur at the end of the chapter? p. 40
3- How does Wilbur describe friendship? p.41
4- How does Wilbur describe Charlotte
in p. 41?
5- Underneath Charlotte's bold & cruel exterior, what can we find? p. 41
6- Why did Wilbur have a hard time sleeping? p.32
7- What happened the first time Wilbur woke up? p. 32
8- What happened the second time Wilbur woke up? p. 32
Have you ever had a close relationship with an animal?
I am the one who fed Wilbur around noontime everyday. p. 8
I am the one who fixed a small yard for Wilbur under an apple tree. p. 8
I am the one who walked out to the road with Fern and waited with her till the bus came. p. 10
I am the one who said Wilbur was big enough to sell. p. 12
I am the one who told Fern that she can’t take Wilbur out, but can sit on the stool and watch him. p. 17-18
I am the one who tried to escape from the barn. p. 19
I am the one who told Wilbur that I avoid to play. p. 29
I am the one who usually sleeps during daytime and is abroad after dark. p. 30
I am the one who asked Wilbur if he wanted a friend. p. 31
I am the one who explained to Wilbur how to wrap-up a fly. p. 37-38
Ms. Arable
Mr. Arable
Mr. Arable
Mr. Zuckerman


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