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Family Reunion

No description

Cade Smith

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Family Reunion

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
Address: 300 E 11th St, Austin
TX 78701
Phone: (512)-476-1166
Cost Per Night: $128
La Quinta Inn
Address: 15707 Oak Grove Blvd, Lakeway
TX 78734
Phone: (512)-735-5555
Cost Per Night: $124
Free Wi-Fi
Outdoor pool
Pets allowed
Address: 1206 Lakeshore Pointe, Lago Vista
TX 78645

Phone: (512)-963-5003

Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Pets allowed
Family Reunion
Natures Point
Address: 101 Lakeway Dr, Austin,
TX 78734
Phone: (512)-261-6600
Cost Per Night: $115
Lakeway Resort
Free Wi-Fi
Free Breakfast
Pets allowed
Hamilton's Pool

Shoot fireworks

Or putt-putt at Peter Pan Mini Golf
Other activities
Musical Chairs
Sack Race
Other Games
Egg toss
Bobbing for apples
Thank you and hope to see you in one piece at this memorable family reunion.
What's New
Lawrence Graves got another wife.

Everyone in the family changed their last name to a different name.

And Karen Martin had two more babies.
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