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No description

Whitney Wegner

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Psychopathy

Dr. Philippe Pinel
Created the term more than 200 years ago
Psychopaths aren't insane, they don't see hallusinations. They can tell what is right and what is wrong, they just don't care.
What is a psychopath?
A person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior
Take joy in things that normal people find horrendous
Can sometimes look and act normal
Pathological Lying
crafty, cunning, shy, clever
Tell little white lies
appear deceptive, deceitful, manipulative, dishonest
Irrational thinking
Absence of anxiety
Don't get nervous
Calm in really stressful situations
No fear or emotion
Constant need for attention and entertainment
Types of Psychopathy Disorder
Primary Type
Not as common
Do not feel emotions
Very controlled and plan what they are doing
Don't respond to stress, punishment, disapproval
Capable of controlling antisocial impulses for an underlying motives
Sociopath or Psychopath?
By: Whitney Wegner
A Madness without Confusion

Coined the phrase Madness without Confusion
Short term, blame all problems on someone else
Over confident
Superficial Charm

Secondary Type
More common
Act on impulse
Capable of feeling regret after they complete the action
Try to avoid stress and pain
fall easy to temptation

Nervous and easy agitated
Won't hold a steady job
Lots of emotional outbursts
Live on the edges of society; very isolated
Disorganized and Spontaneous

Unable to form emotional attachments or feel sorry for others
Train themselves to have emotions
Can go entire life faking emotions
Cool, calm, and collected
also dangerous

Ted Bundy
Serial Killer
one of the most famous
Reportedly Killed 30 women
Decapitated some of women
Psychologists studied him because he was so calm on the outside
Learned that he killed girls that looked like his ex
she was his trigger
Elizabeth Bathory
Most famous girl serial killer
Lived in early 1500s
had a very high social standing
Killed over 650 girls and women
Mutilated and torture them
Never convicted because of her social position, which is why she is so interesting for psychologists
There is no cure
There are things that can diminish the disease
control impulsiveness
talk through some of the urges they feel
There isn't a specific reason for psychopathy disorder
Some people are this way because of a traumatic event in their childhood, others just because they are born that way
Tips and Warings
Don't jump to conclusions about calling someone a psychopath
This is a complicated disorder and can take a huge toll on someone's life
Trust your instincts if you come across someone with these characteristics, separate yourself from them
Psychopathy Checklist
Whitney: 8
Brooklyn: 5
Dylan: 15
Aleynah: 11
Paige: 12
Adam: 4
Anna: 5
Isaac: 15
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