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The Hunger Games: Lesson 3

No description

Katherine Rickson

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of The Hunger Games: Lesson 3

The Hunger Games: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Analyse the quotes
Write a couple of sentences to predict what is going to happen next.
P.E.E. paragraph
Use your quotes to help you write a P.E.E. paragraph for this question:
Learning Objectives
To identify some features of a dystopian world in the first chapter of The Hunger Games (Level 4 )
To be able to support my points with relevant quotation (Level 5c)
To be able to explain my points in some detail (Level 5a)
'This is the day of the reaping'

Look at these pictures. What do you think the word

Why do you think Suzanne Collins uses this word to describe how tributes are picked?
Spot the odd one out...

Dystopia or utopia?

What are your first impressions of District 12?
'forage bag'
'hungry rats'
'black cinder streets'
'squat grey houses'
'a high chain-link fence topped with barbed wire loops'
'severest of penalties'
'Even here, in the middle of nowhere, you worry someone might overhear you'
Use the questions on the spider diagrams to help you analyse the quotes.
Extension task:
Freedom of speech means the right to say whatever you want.

Re-read the top of page 7.
Do you think the citizens of District 12 have freedom of speech? Why/why not?

Use quotes to support your answer.
How do you know the Hunger Games is set in a dystopia?
It is clear that The Hunger Games is set in a dystopia, because District 12 is....
For example, in the text it says...
This means...
This makes me think of...
This shows District 12 is...
Improving my analysis
L.O: To improve my PEE paragraph by using quotes and developing my explanations.
To get a Level 4, you need to have a clear 3 part answer.
You need to include a quote.
You need to explain the quote you have used, telling me why this quote answers the question.
What makes you think District 12 is a dystopia?
To get a Level 5, you need to start doing close word analysis - looking at the words in the quotes and commenting on their effect.
To get a Level 6, you need to do close word analysis, but also start thinking outside the box and linking what you read to the bigger picture (e.g other things you have read, things you know about the world).
I think District 12 is a dystopia, because it is dark, scruffy and scary.
For example, it there there is a 'high chain-link fence topped with barbed wire'.

Fences stop things from getting out so this makes me think that it is difficult to leave District 12 and people are forced to stay there, which is quite a scary thought.

The word 'chain' means something metal that is used to tie people up. It makes me think of prisoners. This also makes me imagine slaves tied up in chains on slave ships. This makes me feel sorry for the people of District 12 because it makes me think they too must be treated like slaves.
The fence also makes me think of the concentration camps that Hitler imprisoned the Jews in. These were also surrounded by high, barbed wire fences. This could suggest that the people who live in District 12 are also controlled by an evil dictator like Hitler and this is why they have to live in such a terrible place.
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