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SB Patel

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Flashback

The Laws that Govern the Ride's Motion
Newton's First Law
- no net force on an object= no acceleration
Newton's Second Law
- acceleration of an object is proportional to its force and is inversely proportional to its mass
Newton's Third Law
- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

- type of motion occurs in a straight line

- object is continuously accelerating
Velocity in Flashback?
A Blast!!!
Kinetic Energy
Kinetic Energy is the amount of energy due to motion,


Why this roller
-A Fun mix of loops forwards and then in reverse!
-28 seats available per ride
-116 feet or 35.37 meters above the ground
-47 seconds of awesomeness!
-Distance: 935 feet or
meters long
-Elements: a catch car lift hill, a cobra roll, a chain lift hill, and multiple loops.

Potential Energy is the amount of energy that is stored as an object moves vertically against the force of gravity, U=mgh
Goes so Flash in a Dash You’ll Lose Your Mustache!

1) At point 1 the cart has the most potential energy since it is 116 feet high with a U= 679,307.25 J of energy stored
2) Point 2: 277,901.34 J of energy stored
3) Point 3: 277,901.34 J of energy stored
4) Point 4: 277,901.34 J of energy stored
5) Point 5: 41,681.36 J of energy stored
The Potential Energy at all Five Points
1. At the bottom of Point 1, the kinetic energy will be equal to the potential energy of 679,307.25 J. Because all the potential energy gained is transferred into kinetic energy. However, at the top of Point 1 it will be 0 J
2. Point 2: 277,901.34 J
3. Point 3: 277,901.34 J
4. Point 4: 277,901.34 J
5. Point 5: 637,705.6 J
-The average velocity of Flashback is 21.02 meters per second!
-It lasts 47 seconds and covers 285.06 meters (935 feet)
-The mass was assumed to be 1960kg (70kg for each passenger)
The Kinetic Energy at all
Five Points
We hope you enjoyed your ride on the Flashback!!!!

Newton's Second Law: F=ma
Impulse Equation: FΔt=mΔv, F=(mΔv)/Δt
1) v=26.33m/s , F=17,202.27N , a=8.78m/s^(2) , 0.90Gs
2) v=20.24m/s , F=13,223.47N , a=6.75m/s^(2) , 0.69Gs
3) v=20.24m/s , F=14,692.74N , a=7.50m/s^(2) , 0.77Gs
4) v=20.24m/s , F=14,692.74N , a=7.50m/s^(2) , 0.77Gs
5) v=25.51m/s ' F=62,499.50N , a=31.89m/s^(2) , 3.25Gs
Types of Forces
How are the forces related
to the coaster??
Gravity - 9.8m/s^(2) or 9.8N/kg
Centripetal Force - "Center seeking", this force pulls the object back to the center as it is constantly accelerating
Friction Force - acts in the opposite direction of the direction of motion
Normal Force - the force that acts perpendicular to a surface an object rests on
-Gravity: the train is propelled downward from the elevated point by gravity which converts the potential energy into kinetic
-Newton's First Law: At the first lift up the highest point, and the second.
-Newton's Second Law: The ramp, loop 1,2,3, and point 5.
-Centripetal Force: Occurs mainly at loop 3.
-Newton's Third Law: The ramp, loop 1,2,3 and point 5.
-Normal Force: Occurs simultaneously with Newton's Third Law
-Friction Force: Occurs throughout the ride as the cart interacts with the track
Law of Conservation of
The total amount of energy remains constant in an isolated system; energy is neither created nor destroyed it is only transferred from one form to another, ΔU+ΔK=0
1) Point 1: Total of 12s to move up and then down, but only 3s after it is released
2) Point 2: 3s
3) Point 2: 2.7s
4) Point 2: 2.7s
5) Point 2: 0.8s
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-Its double the fun!
-360° loop turn twice!
-Opened May 5, 2000
-Kentucky Kingdom built it in 1990
Flash Facts!
By Seema and Samantha
Up Close
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