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Copy of Conflict

Types of Conflict and Movie Clips

Mary Ann Goodrich

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Conflict

Movie Clip:
Character vs. Character
Movie Clip:
Character vs. Nature / Environment
Movie Clip:
Character vs. Self
Movie Clip:
Character vs. Society
Man vs. Society
Types of Conflict
Number you paper from 1-4.
Watch the film clip and write down what type of conflict it is an example of.

Let’s Test What You Know
Man vs. Self
Types of Conflict
Man vs. Nature
Types of Conflict
Man vs. Man
Types of Conflict
This type of conflict has the main character in conflict with a larger group: a community, society, culture, etc.
Character vs. Society Conflict
This type of conflict finds the main character in conflict with the forces of nature, which serve as the antagonist.
Character vs. Nature/ Environment Conflict
This type of conflict finds the main character in conflict with another character, human or not human.
Man vs. Man / Character
Conflict is the dramatic struggle between two forces in a story. Without conflict, there is no plot.
In this type of conflict, the main character experiences some kind of inner conflict.
Character vs. Self Conflict
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