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No description

Leta Soh

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Architecture

SeVen Dates Hong Kong, Causeway Bay
"Hong Kong is one of the busiest and most crowded shopping meccas in the world"
Near to China- Manufacturing Factories
Disadvantages: High land rent prices, many brands of shoes selling in HK, difficult for brand to break into the market Where are we selling it Dongguan, Houjie
Storage space Where it will be manufactured How much will it be Marketing One pair that brings women from day to night SeVen days a week Our Inspiration Inspired by rising foot problems. Our design concept is a pair of multi-purpose shoes that can be worn as flats as well as heels.
Our entire concept is based upon the fact that heels has become so important to women in the modern society, represents their social status. Our Idea Who are we selling it to Shoe Materials Material Cost per shoe
Nappa Leather (Body of shoe) $2.00
Polyester Elastic Band $1.14
PVC (Heels) $0.04
Latex Foam (Inner Sole) $1.00
Rubber (Base of shoe) $5.80
Aluminium (Base of shoe) $0.40
Screw $0.14
Accessories $1.60
Total $12.12

*All costs are calculated in HKD Plan for the business Phase 0: pre opening stage (3 months)
Phase 1: estimated 1,500 shoes sold
: Loss
Phase 2: increase marketing costs = increase retail/ online sales
Phase 3: increase employee & marketing
: making profits THE END Our Advertisement! Situated in Hong Kong MTR Station
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