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My Dream Jobs

No description

Kendra Hergett

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of My Dream Jobs

Professional Figure Skater
Choreographer My Dream Jobs $124,750/year Lawyer $79,460/year Professional Figure Skater $74,060/year Choreography Two Factors That Might Effect Earning Coachability: if you are easy or hard to coach
Figure skating ability: how well advanced you are in the sport Educational
Requirements High school diploma
No certificates or licenses needed
You can eventually advance Tasks from day-to-day Practice
Weight lifting
taking lessons
watch others Working conditions 7 days a week
At the rink
At a gym Current Employment About 16.500 jobs
Expected to increase Two Factors That Might Effect Earning Two Factors That Might Effect Earning Educational
Requirements Educational
Requirements Tasks from day-to-day Tasks from day-to-day Working conditions Working conditions Current Employment Current Employment Owning your own firm
What type of lawyer you are College degree
3 years of law
A license from the state
A bar exam Provid einformation about law
Work in office
Work long hours
Court trials Long hours
Sometimes weekends 25,600 jobs
18% increase At a studio
At home
7 days a week To choreograph
Work with students
Dance alone
Choreograph at home
Private lessons High school diploma
Must have dance training
Can raise pay level depending on interest in your personal work Choreagraphy skills
Teachability: how well you can be tought 759,200 jobs
Expected to grow
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