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Perhaps the World Ends Here

No description

Team Unoriginals

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Perhaps the World Ends Here

Perhaps the World Ends Here
by Joy Harjo

The Speaker
Our speaker is external and unidentified. There is no specific audience; however, it can relate to most people.
Each stanza is generally short except for one in the middle. They do not thyme and do not have any meter. There is no recognizable shape to the stanzas.
"Perhaps the World Ends Here"
The title “Perhaps the World Ends Here” points to the topic of death. The possible theme is that the circle of life is inevitable and can happen anytime.
The setting is centered around the kitchen table. It is the foundation of a typical family, so it will always present throughout human existence.
Each stanza is a different role that the kitchen table plays. the stanzas couldn't be rearranged because there is progression from light to trivial to more meaningful uses of the table over lifetimes and generations.
Bittersweet pensive solemn

optimistic content




begins kitchen table creation dreams
children sun celebrate laughter joy victory eating world

The most significant scenes are the ones that are the more dramatic parts of life like the ones where birth and burials were mentioned pointing towards the theme of the circle of life.
We visualize our own families at home and how we come together to eat and talk about our days and make decisions for the future.
These words do describe the style of the poem because these words have extreme depth in their meaning like the words in the poem.
Significant Scene

-This poem uses 1st person to bring all of the points across.
- Imagery is established by the type of words they are using the word choice is very selective.
- This poem is very descriptive and allows you to get an image in your head but also makes you think outside the box.

of the poem is that the circle of life is inevitable because the poem presents all the stages of life through life examples that occur at the kitchen table.
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