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Irenaean Theodicy Outline + Qs


Freya Jennison

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Irenaean Theodicy Outline + Qs

1. In which book and when does Irenaeus set out his theodicy?
2. Why is the world the way it is?
3. What does he call humanity?
4. What were the 2 stages in the creation of the human race?
5. Why couldn't God create humans in complete perfection?
6. Why did he have to give them freewill?
7. Complete the sentence: God did not make a perfect world because... 8. Write out 3 quotes that support this view.
9. Why can't God intervene?
10. What will happen eventually?
11. Which modern philosopher has developed Irenaeus' ideas further?
12. What is Hick's view?
13. Write the Hick quote and the book it comes from
14. What is epistemic distance and why is it necessary?
15. Why can't the world be made as a paradise?
16. Why can't God interfere to protect humans from evil? Give an example.
17. Write out Hick's quote about God not wanting
to create a paradise
18. How would all the suffering people
experience be justified?
19. Explain Cole's idea of greater
goods (box). Write a couple of paragraphs that outline the Irenaean Theodicy Book and date
First made in image of God and 2nd stage is in likeness of God
Immature at first and need to develop
World is a "vale of soul making and not a hedonistic paradise" (Hick)
To be perfect the world needs willing choice of humans, so God gace us freewill, otherwise we are like robots who are programmed to do good. This goodness would be of no value and not genuine.
God has to keep epistemic distance (Hick) from us, so we can develop freely eg. student/teacher. If he intervenes our freedom is lost
God didn't make a perfect world because evil has a crucial part to play in developing our souls.
Price is that some people choose evil rather than good.
Need evil to develop courage, generosity etc...
Eventually evil will be overcome and we will develop into the
likeness of God and his plan will be complete
This is the best possible world that God could've created
Suffering is justified in the end in the afterlife
God shares the blame for evil with humans
Swinburne: A world that includes suffering is
the best possible world that God
could've created for us Irenaean Theodicy "Soul-making" Now... Questions continued... Irenaean Theodicy Questions
Edexcel Chapter Your paragraphs should include... The Irenaean Theodicy is an Upwards and Soul-Making Theodicy It offers the opportunity for humanity to improve themselves and work up to perfection

Humanity is on a learning curve, striving towards perfection. Suffering has the benefit of creating an environment where desirable characteristics can be developed by mankind Upwards Soul-making
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