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world water data

No description

Yael Guy

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of world water data

World Water Data - 2010 data! North and Central America Top 3 countries with the most freshwater.
1.Canada- 44% 2.United States - 41% 3.Mexico - 6%
1) Barbados= 0.01% 2) Trinidad
and Tobago= 0.04% 3) Jamaica= 0.06% Most Countries use their water for...
Industrial Our area is responsible for 14% of the worlds water. Our area has 8% of the worlds population, so our area uses 6% more water than they need ! By Sabeena, Yael Karleen, Laiba Anodya, Canada uses most of their water for industrial use.45% of the water industrially used is for paper industries.Primary industries 28%,chemical industries 9%,food industries 5%,petroleum and coal products 6% and all others 7%. United States uses most of their fresh water for industrial use. Places That Have No Data
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Top 3 countries with the least amount of freshwater

1. Barbados - 0.002%. 2.Trinidad and Tobago - 0.05% 3. Jamaica - 0.13%

If you add all 3 countries up it won’t even add up to 1% Canada uses most of their freshwater for industrial use. Mexico uses most of their fresh water for agricultural use.Mexico has more than 50% of land for irrigation. North and Central America has 14% of the worlds water.
6% of the water is not needed! North and Central America compared to the World. Top 3 countries that use the most of water 1.U.S.A-77%
2.Mexico- 13%
3.Canada- 8%
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