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Museum of Music

No description

Christine Araujo-Pavao

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Museum of Music

Museo di Musica Venice, Italy General Info Mission Statement Programs Venice Intro Sound Room Floor Plan Jazz Gallery Il Museo di Musica acquires and preserves one of the finest collections …
It strives to serve all ages, ethnicities and cultures through incorporating different styles of music and a wide variety of galleries… we strive to offer
a unique and unusual experience to visitors from around the world. Using
a wide variety of memorabilia and hands-on experiences, we attempt to
create a learning experience for those who are already knowledgeable in
music as well as those whom music is a new experience. The museum
promotes the enjoyment and discovery to visitors, believing that music
is everywhere. The Museum educates artists of the future through
workshops, guest speakers…The Museum’s ultimate aim is to reinforce
public understanding and appreciation of the musical world.
A beautiful city with canals instead of
Hundreds of students attend schools or
architecture, art and music
City is famous for music history;
particularly operatic history
Known for considerable artistic
achievements; Renaissance period
Home to composers during the
Baroque period
All info will be presented in Italian
and English
Audio and guided tours in many different
international languages
Souvenir shop including a large variety
of records, CDs, books, etc.

Visitors walk through using special
goggles and view sound waves
Large room where echoes can
be heard and 'seen'
Gigantic drums, cymbols and harp
to view different types of sound
Famous jazz pieces playing in the background
Artefacts: - Louis Armstrong's silver trumpet
- Sheet music from Giorgio Gasolini
- The Old Plantation Painting Programs include: - New Voices(Concerto for
Invented Instruments)
- workshops
- music lessons
- guest muscians (performing in
entrance area, galleries and the
- summer camps
- volunteer progams First Floor Second Floor
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