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Free Hugs

Research and Analysis Presentation

Sunny Huang

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Free Hugs

Interview Free Hugs Vs. Commercial Free Hugs Structure of Free Hugs Vs. Improv Everywhere What can Free Hugs learn? •The organization is liberal. No official unity.

• Beauty of Free Hugs is the transparancy of the organization. But need stronger advertising so they can be more influential and expand even more.

•Free Hugs’ website is not user-friendly.
•Mailing Lists

•Charlie Todd, the founder of IE, published a book about his group. .

•A DVD production provides publicity and forms a bond with its members.

• Performers who participates every time. Acknowledging them creates a more established group.
Free Hugs Improv Everywhere Organization Communication Infrastructure Consistancy Internal Public It actually made me feel great. It was random and spontaneous and fun. My roommates and I all had a laugh and went on our way.
- Huggee

Just knowing I brightened someone's day, made me feel happy. It makes it all worth it.
- Randy (creator in New York) Getting a hug is like having an icecream sundae - Huggee I spent over $10,000 since we started Free Hugs in New York
- Randy (Creator in New York What can be learned from Free Hugs? Flexible Free Spirited Human-centered
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