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Connor Demeuse

No description

Hull Elementary

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Connor Demeuse

By: Dan Green and Simon Basher
Genre: Non-Fiction
Sub-genre: Historical
Lexile Level: 960
Main Topic: Biology
Biology is about every thing in life. From building blocks,Life,Plants,to body parts.It has 123 interesting pages on everything in life.
I would suggest this book to anyone. Thanks for reading. Remember check this out from the library.
Lungs are twins that help you breathe. they are breathing right now carbon dioxide waste. If you smoke you are just shriveling up by the second. If air had gal. we would breathe in 1.3 gallons. I think its kind of cool that I have windbags in my body.
Connor Demeuse
5 new words
Deoxyribonucleic: DNA
Ribonucleic: RNA
Enzymes: It helps blood cots
Protists: 1 celled Orgasemed
Chlorophyll: Makes Plantes Green
3 conclusions
1. Its interesting because it give you all you need to know in life, it is a great learning tool.
2. An interesting read because this applies to many parts of your life.
3.Is a look into the amazing world of facts.
Question and Answer Structure
This book has many facts. With many questions and answers.
Text Features
What I enjoyed
I liked this book because it gave me a lot of interesting facts that I didn't know.
Would I Recommend this to someone??? Why or Why not???
Absolutely, because it tells you pretty much anything in life from building blocks to Green Shoots.
The Heart is one of the most important body part in our body. It pumps 2,100 gal. every single day. If we didn't have a heart we wouldn't be able to live. Dont worry if someone says you have no heart dont worry its just an expression.
DNA is a very Flexible fellow. Its full name is deoxyribonucleic acid remember that. DNA was discovered by a man Fredrich Minescher in 1869. 10,000 DNA cells are damaged each day. Remember deoxyribonucleic acid and you'll be good.
The eye is literally the hardest working body part. An eye actually sees everything upside down, but clever brain flips it upwords. An eye is a like a bouncy ball that can't bounce. It is a mushy thing of goo. Remember I am the hardest working body part.
Sperm is a little squirt that wants to meet egg. It carries an X or Y chromosome to decide the gender of the baby.Sperm is a special cell that has 1/2 of the DNA necessary to create new life in ALL LIVING THINGS!!! Before you get immature its even in PLANTS!?!?
About the Author
Dan Green was the author of many science books. Alson Simon Basher was a very great artist. They are very good friends. They also made many other books like oceans, extreme biology etc.
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