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Students' perceptions of learning and networking in Tandem MOOC

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on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Students' perceptions of learning and networking in Tandem MOOC

Tandem MOOC: Main objectives
NS - NNS synchronous interaction through meaningful tasks.
Platform: Speakapps

Tandem MOOC: Principles
The Speakapps Platform
Support element for students already in courses.
Speakapps and OERs: Benefits
How does Tandem MOOC work?
Tandem MOOC: Basic Stats
The study
To investigate students' experience with the platform.
Method: Semi-structured interviews
14 interviewees: Spanish and English students who successfully completed Tandem MOOC.
2 pilot interviews
Expectations: stronger feeling of community, closer relationship between students, increased confidence and fluency
The results
The idea
The execution
Confidence and fluency
Closer relationships
Language exchanges combined with a more structured course provide richer learning experience.
OERs: Open Educational Resources/ Tandem Editor
after class hours speaking practice.
Preparation for official exams FCE, CAE.
free and re-usable speaking materials,
material creation,
virtual classrooms for students and Speakapps tools according to communicative tasks.
Students' perceptions of learning and networking in Tandem MOOC
Ljubica Damevska (supervisor: prof. Christine Appel (UOC))

3 Tandems

Random Tandem
Pre-arranged Tandem
English and Spanish
In Moodle
Outside Moodle
The Ranking
Time & N Tandems & Helper score

Special mention certificate for the first 10

Free classes for the top 6 students

Students’ engagement enhanced

Total of 1284 students registered in Tandem MOOC.
173 completed the course.
63 English students of Spanish.
110 Spanish students of English.
Spanish/English learners ratio: 40-60 %
Total hours of conversation in Tandem MOOC (n= 173 both Spanish and English students): 683
Total number of conversation in Tandem MOOC (n= 173, both English and Spanish): 829
"I thought, wow this could be fun, and I think it was pretty exciting at first because I thought there would be lots of opportunities to talk with people."
(American student living in Ireland and studying Spanish)
"I actually really enjoyed it because I had the chance to talk to different people, from different areas like for example from Spain or even from Latin America, everybody has a different accent which is good as well" (...) (Student from Slovakia living in Ireland and studying Spanish and English)
"The environment was clunky sort of hard to use you know, there were technical problems..." (American student of Spanish)
"Sí, yo sigo en contacto con una chica en Inglaterra, una estudiante de español que estudia idiomas y a veces pues suelo hablar con ella..." (Spanish student of English).
"Bastante interesante, la verdad que estaria interesada en que se repitiese porque es una manera bastante interesante de poder practicar el inglés hablado, que quizas es lo que en mi caso tengo menos oportunidades de llevar a cabo." (Spanish student of English)
"It was so difficult to find partners and the partners sometimes didn't seem very suitable... and it was very demotivating because they didn't know some of the Spanish words I was using and even though I thought they were common words." (English student of Spanish)
"Siempre habia muchos interesados en aprender inglés pero pocis interesados en aprender español. Claro, yo trataba de hablar en inglés, con lo cual, conseguir encontrar a una persona que quisiera hablar el inglés era bastante más dificil" (Spanish student of English)
"Yes, well, in fact during the MOOC I got in contact well with an English person well because we chat at the right times and after the finish of the mooc, we are still in contact and normally we chat every week. (Spanish student of English)
"El mooc fue muy importante para mi porque ahora puedo hablar con bastante fluidez y antes es oh, se las formas y todo pero no puedo practicar." (English student of Spanish).
"Sí, lo que pasa es que claro justo cuando terminó el tandem pues sí que lo notaba más. Ahora como ha vuelto a transcurrir el tiempo sin poder practicar vuelvo a ir hacia abajo." (Spanish student of English)
Technical problems
Repetitive activities
Disparity in level
Unclear outline in platfrom
Problems and Solutions
Piloting tools before launching the 2nd edition to avoid technical issues.
Disparity in N of Spanish and English learners
Diverse input in activities (videos, more cultural content not only related to Spain and the U.K.)
Adding a chat tool to facilitate finding speaking partners.
Level test for both Spanish and English learners
Similar number of Spanish and English learners in the platform.
Taking into consideration digital naives.
Thank you!
Website: www.speakapps.eu
Platform: moodle.speakapps.org
Twitter: @speakapps
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