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Our country's good props

No description

Hamish Dixon

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Our country's good props

Our country's good
The play
The Period
Initial design ideas
Production Health and safety
past work
General Information
written by: Timberlake Werenbaker
Date premiered: 1988
Story: Convicts rehearsing for a play
Setting: 1780, Sydney, Australia
Themes: Death, punishment, love, poverty, social class, friendships and crime.
A set of heavy duty prisoner manacles that allow the performer to look chained but move comfortably can be made from any material
A Naval Officers telescope- retractable if possible
Gold pocket watch
a feather quill and ink pot
A boat
a Noose
In 1780 when Britain had lost colonies in the war of independence they needed a new place to send prisoners that were filling the countries jails. Between 1788 and 1850 the English sent over 162,000 convicts to Australia in 806 ships. When they got there they found it very hard to grow food and all had to ration including the Lieutenants.
The story
Convicts who were sent to Australia are used as cast directed by Lieutenant Ralph Clark for a play even though many are illiterate. He does this to raise moral support as well as trying to secure a promotion.
Health and safety is very important for this performance because of the noose. It is essential to make sure that it does not move and that couldn't cause any injury's to the actor's. As well as that the manacles have to be light enough that they will not restrict the actors movement. Other health and safety to consider is the lantern this could be made safe using fake lights inside of them.
£2.50 plastic tub
Pack of 4 £1.40
My past work includes building the set for the 2013 PCHS fashion show. I designed and made a flat for the 60's theme. And I am currently working on mask making and doing set for the PCHS school show.
This may not be realistic materials but if the cardboard was painted then the audience wouldn't notice.
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Buy an antique
Source of material
This would be made from recyclables
Feather quill and ink pot.
flight feather
Ink bottle
Source of material
you can buy 20 goose feathers for £3.65 on eBay.
http://www.fredaldous.co.uk sells a feather for £4 for 12
http://www.pagan-magic.co.uk sell them for £2
The first thing I did was draw an initial mechanism.
I then made a model of a different mechanism to see if it would work
I also made a model in google Sketchup. Of the same mechanism
I have to think about the positives and negatives of both of the designs and then pick would be best.
Pre-production health and safety
Before the show all necessary precautions must be taken i.e. wires must be taped down. As well as that health and safety during the making of the props and set. For example if the is any woodwork involved people involved should wear goggles and an apron.
Post-production health and safety
After the show all of the equipment should be packed up as soon as possible. If the are any lighting involved it should all be turn of. Any dangerous props such as the noose should be lock away so that they could not be used by accident.
http://www.partydomain.co.uk £3.38
Opticron Antique 25x30 Brass and Leather Pocket Telescope
Ebay has a range of telescopes listed but they constantly change they range from
Mini Glass Jar with Gold Twist Cap 41ml / 1.5oz
Old ink bottles cost around £5 on eBay.
All of the pots below new so they would have to be used so that they look old
Gold pocket watch
Option 1
On Ebay antique pocket watches any thing above £200.
Option 2
Toy pocket watches on www.amazon.co.uk cost £12.99
Option 3
The third option would be to make one out of card and paint it gold. however the audience may be able to tell that is fake.
for retractable telescope
Final prop
3D model of Final design
Individual Tubes
Put Together
Tube A
Tube B
Both Together
Making The Final Prop
To make the Final prop I used thick cardboard tubes I then put thin layers of cardboard at the end of it to block the tube from falling out. The following pictures show this.
Before Painting
To paint the model I will use bronze spray paint.
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