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Hate List

No description

Kelli Windes

on 10 January 2011

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Transcript of Hate List

characters Valerie Leftman
Valerie's mom
Jessica Campbell
Dr. Hieler
Valerie's dad Valerie Leftman
Valerie's boyfriend, Nick Levil, opened fire on her high school's cafeteria. She was accused by the media of being in on it with Nick because of the list she and Nick made of the people that made fun of them or made them mad. She however saves a girl's life, getting shot in the leg, causing Nick to turn the gun on himself. To some she is considered a hero, but to the victims and their families, she is the reason. The book tells Valerie's story and her life going back to the haunted memories of her life before the shooting and to her old life at school. Her goal is to make amends and move on with her life. setting Hate List occurs in 2008. The days, however, range from May 2 to their graduation in 2009. The book takes place mainly at Garvin High School. Valerie's mom
Becomes very overprotective of Valerie after the shooting. Thought Valerie was a bad judge of character and blamed Valerie for the shooting.
Jessica Campbell
Was one of the people on the hate list. Valerie intending to stop Nick jumped in front of Jessica saving her life. Jessica told police and other classmates of Valerie's innocense and when Valarie came back to school the girls slowly became best friends. Dr. Hieler
The only doctor Valerie trusted. She was able to tell him everything and he was very understandable. He didn't push Valerie to talk about things, which is what i really liked about him. Valerie's dad
He was an awful parent and didn't really even like Valerie. He left Valerie's mom, Valerie, and Valerie's little brother without saying goodbye. He was a very selfish guy and embarrased of his family.
setting passage
"The Commons - once the place to hang out in the mornings, ordinarily packed shoulder-to-shoulder - was empty, save for the clusters of empty tables and chairs." pg. 44

This quote describes the way the commons looked after the shooting and how the whole area was empty. Also how she remembered the way things were before. plot introduction
The book starts by introducing the characters and gave a quick summary of what happened at Garvin High, May 2nd. rising action
The rising actions describes what went on the day of the shooting. It follows through with Valerie going back to school and all the struggles she had to face like; being blamed for the whole thing, her over bearing mother, her father who didn't care about her anymore, her brother who didn't want her around, the glares of classmates, the grief from losing Nick, and there was so much more. She just wanted to get her schoolwork done so she could graduate. A boy named Troy, also threatned to kill her and had a gun pointed to her face and said to stay away from his sister. She was scared she would never get over the shooting or someone would kill her before she did. After that, she and Jessica Campbell started puttting together a memorial in remembrance of the shooting. character passage
"After I ignored the third snooze alarm, my mom started pounding on my door, trying to get me out of bed. Just like any other morning. Only this wasn't any other morning. This was the morning i was supposed to pick myself up and get on with my life." pg. 6

This was how Valerie was introduced in the book. Reading this I thought she was going to be depressing and moody. Later on, however, she turns out to be inspiring to almost all of her classmates. climax
The climax of the story is when Valerie joins Jessica on the stage at their graduation. They start reading off the names of the victims and Valerie explains why she and Nick started the hate list. She also appologized for the whole thing. falling action
The falling acton is when Valerie is looking at all of the people at the graduation and she sees them clapping and standing after Jessica had added Nick and Valerie's names into the memorial. She felt like everyone may now start to forgive her if they haven't already. resolution
The resolution is when Valerie is planning on getting on a train, but she doesn't know where to. She is excited and scared to be on her own. I think she does this to find out who she really is before making any plans. The author leaves the end out so you can make up your own ending about the rest of Valerie's life. plot passage
"Many of the people who died did so because the shooter...my boyfriend, Nick Levil, and I thought they were bad people. We only saw what we wanted to see and we..." pg. 400

This is when Valerie is apologizing to everyone and trying to forgive herself too. theme Hate List itself had a couple themes. The first theme was that you don't have to face things alone, that there is always someone there to help and guide you. Valerie had Jessica and Dr. Hieler helping her but at first she didn't want it. By the time she let them into her life she started having fun again and realized she didn't have to "face the dragons alone". Another theme was that bullying can really hurt someone. Nick and Valerie made the Hate List to vent their anger on the people who were mena to them. Nick's feelings were pushed to the breaking point and he opened fire on their school. Also , another theme is that we should see things the way they are before making a judgement on people, because you don't always know their backstory. Another theme is that forgiveness is key in moving on with your life. You have to forgive yourself so others can forgive you. Even if it's not easy. theme passage
"We've learned a lot about forgiveness since this happened...we have no interest in seeing anyone else suffer over this tragedy. Not anyone." pg. 385

This quote is said by Christy Bruter's father. Christy was the real reason the shooting startedd. Nick had shot her in the stomach but she survived. Her parents were glad they didn't lose her. Forgiveness for them was a huge step because it was Valerie who put Christy on the Hate List. literary
elements imagery
The imagery in this book is of the the day of the shooting at the school. We are given in full detail of what Valerie is seeing and hearing. imagery passage
"And then, everything snapped into real time. Kids were running and screaming, clogging the doorways and falling over one another." pg. 83

This is an example of imagery because you can picture a group of kids stampeding to the door and freaking out not really knowing what happened or what to do. foreshadowing
The book uses foreshadowing when the author tells us little chunks of what Nick was like before the shooting and how he started acting strange a couple of weeks before. foreshadowing passage
"Sometimes we get to win, too, Valerie, he'd said. Not tonight." pg. 148

This quote almost gives the reader an idea that he might have been planning this for awile and was waiting for the perfect opportunnity. my critique
I enjoyed this book, though at times it may have been a little draggy. Valerie also was kind of annoying at times too. I wish that the book would have gone in order and not jumped around as much so it could be easier to follow. It's a pretty deep book, You have to really think about it and put yourself into Valerie's shoes to see whether you would've done something differently. I would recommend this book to people who like a little suspense snd aren't afraid of sad books, because this book gets kind of sad, also a little girly. Overall it's a good page turner. personal
response text
world connection
The connection I made was that what made Nick so angry was bullying. He was so upset and hurt because he didn't really know how to handle it all. In Valerie's flashbacks, we see a sweet side of Nick who likes video games and loves reading Shakespeare. People who are different are treated differently and it can be upsetting to them. We do it all the time and probably not even notice. We should work hard to make our school a safe place so we don't have more Nick Levils'. kelli windes
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