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lolita fashion

a prezi about lolita fashion from japan

gina u

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of lolita fashion

Lolita Fashion what is lolita? Lolita fashion is a fashion that was born in Japan
in the late 1970's. It is a style that is primarily based on Victorian- and Rococo-era children's clothing. Despite the name, there is no connection between the fashion and Vladimir Nabokov's famous book with the same name. The fashion is not meant to be sexual, and many girls dress in it to get away from the highly-sexualized current fashion trends, as it is a rather modest fashion.
There are many different clothing brands that
cater specifically to this subculture, but most
of them are very expensive and just one dress
can cost upwards of $300. The style has a very distinctive look.
The most basic elements include:
a bell-shaped, knee length skirt or dress
lots of poof in the skirt
a blouse or cute t-shirt
a headdress/headbow
knee socks, over-the-knee socks or stockings
cute flats, heels, or platforms
elements of a lolita outfit substyles of lolita There are many different substyles
of lolita that have evolved from the
original look.
There are a few other substyles, but
these are the most common ones.
gothic lolita Gothic lolita is perhaps the most famous substyle.
Many people who are unfamiliar with the subculture
think that gothic lolita is the end-all-be-all of lolita;
however, this is not true. This style might sometimes
be called "goth-loli," "elegant gothic lolita," or "EGL,"
however, these terms are slightly misleading, as the
last two only refer to a specific brand of clothing.
The most popular gothic lolita clothing brand is
Moi-Meme-Moitie, and the head designer of this brand
is named Mana, the frontman of the band Malice Mizer,
who many people think created the lolita look.
(This is not true. His band did help to popularize
the style in the 1990's, however.) However, there are many other brands that make gothic clothing, and a lot of people also make their own clothing.
Popular themes to outfits include crosses and other
religious images, architecture, and flowers.
Popular color combinations include solid black,
black and white, black and navy blue, and even solid white. sweet lolita Sweet lolita is currently the most popular substyle.
It consists of lots of cute elements, such as desserts,
animals, rainbows, polka dots, and ginghams, with
everything in pastel colors. (You can also have black
sweet lolita, but there are still pastel elements; some
people have started to call this bittersweet lolita.)
The sweet lolita dresses tend to have a lot more ruffles
and gathers and laces than gothic clothes.
There are many different brands where you can buy
sweet lolita, such as BABY the Stars Shine Bright and
metamorphose temps de fille, however the brand
Angelic Pretty stands as the most popular and
quintessential sweet lolita brand.
Lots of sweet lolitas, especially in Japan, get together
and dress in matching outfits, most commonly
with popular Angelic Pretty prints. This is called
"twinning" and some people who think it looks
awful call it "cloning."

classic lolita Classic lolita is a lot more subdued than other substyles
and is probably the most elegant and "normal" of the
various subsets. The motifs include lots of florals and
other classic motifs. Popular colors inclue dusty rose,
olive green, black, and ivory. The dresses are often cut in an A-line shape and include ruffles
and very small prints. There are often few ruffles, usually on
the hem. There are a number of brands where you can buy classic lolita
clothing, including Victorian Maiden, Innocent World, and
Mary Magdalene. This style of lolita is one of the smallest, sizing-
wise. boystyle Boystyle, also sometimes called "kodona" or
"ouji," is basically like lolita, except with boys:
it is a romanticized vision of boys clothing from
the Victorian era. Both men and women wear
it. It basically consists of ruffle-y blouses, vests,
and capri-length pants that are cuffed at the
bottom, sometimes adorned with lace or ruffles.
Shoes are usually more masculine, such as oxfords
or creepers. There are any number of color schemes,
it is not restricted to any one. However, most
people dress in black and white boystyle.
A few brands produce this style, but there is not
one certain place to get it. Moi-meme-moitie
and Alice and the Pirates are two that make boystyle
clothes, but lots of other brands put out pieces
every now and then. hime lolita
Hime-lolita is the most elegant and regal of the
substyles. "Hime" means princess in Japanese,
so you can assume that this style has to do with
looking like a princess. This style mainly consists
of large or extravagent dresses, and big hair.
Usually people also include miniature crowns and
tiaras, pearls, roses, and bows. There is no specific
color combination for this, as you could dress in
all black or all pink, but if you accessorize it properly,
you can still consider it hime. This is one of the
most difficult styles to pull off because it's all about
the accessorizing.
Many brands can cater to this substyle, but a lot
of hime dresses are sweet, so Baby the Stars Shine Bright
and Angelic Pretty are popular choices.
There is also a Japanese fashion called hime-gyaru;
however, this is a totally different fashion and they don't
really have anything to do with each other besides dressing
like a princess. (But in two different ways.) casual lolita Casual lolita is the most toned-down
style of lolita, as apparant from the
title. It can be in any color combination
and usually consists of a t-shirt or a
jersey blouse paired with a skirt, or a
dress and a cardigan, with small head
accessories. Casual still retains the
modesty and elegance of the main
substyles, but it's much more comfortable.
You can have gothic, sweet, classic, or
any type of casual lolita.
There is no specific casual lolita brand;
all brands pretty much cater towards
it sometimes. Lots of brands have
sweaters during the fall and winter
(or short-sleeved cardigans in the summer
and spring) and casual skirts and dresses. links to lolita brands and sites
Angelic Pretty - sweet/hime

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - sweet/hime/gothic

Innocent World - classic/sweet

Mary Magdalene - classic

metamorphose temps de fille - classic/sweet/gothic

Moi-meme-Moitie - gothic

Victorian Maiden - classic

There are very many other stores that you can buy
from, including ones in English. (All of the ones listed
above are in Japanese; some of them do ship to the US.) There are also some lolita-centric sites that you
can go to to learn more about the style.

Lolita Fashion

egl on Livejournal
lolita publications There are magazines in Japan that are published
specifically about lolita. They include:
Gothic & Lolita Bible (the most popular)
Gothic & Lolita Ensemble
KERA! (also covers other fashions)
Alice Deco a la Mode

The Gothic & Lolita Bible has also been
translated into English, and five issues have
been published.

These magazines include street snaps (photographers
take pictures of people wearing lolita on the street
to show that not only models wear the fashion), brand
updates, hair and makeup tips, comics, and stories.
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