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Maria Montessori

No description

Melania Cordero

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori
Works and ideas
- She made specific didactic materials , to catch the curiosity of the childrens
- She was born in 1870, Italy
-She had problems with the fascist regime
-She found the children's house
- She wrote "The Absorbent Mind"
-She died to the age of 82 years old
Basic principle:
-The adult's role
-The absorbent mind of the children
-The sensitive periods
-The prepared environment
-The children are constructed themselves from elements of the environment
-4 values: functional, experimental, structure and connection, and didactics materials are grouped for every sense
-Control of the mistake
-Starting point
-Different possible uses
-Free choice
Materials characteristics
-Incitement to the activity
-Nowadays, there are 5.000 schools
around the world
"The major sign of the success of a teacher is to be able to say: now the children work as if i didn't exist"
-Her ideas caused a revolution in her time
"Any help unnecessary is an obstacle for the development"
"This is our obligation towards the child: to give him a beam of light, and to follow our way"
Cristina Núñez Lama
Rocío Romero González
Jennifer Romero Álvarez
Sara Arroyo Broceño
María García Bautista
Melania Cordero Magro
-Adult role
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