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Chew On This Project

No description

Jessica Augustin

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Chew On This Project

The Secret of The Fries Summary Companies manufacture products to manipulate the senses to make you want to eat and buy the product. Go to Pg. 110 Now your Turn !!! Go to pg 113-114 Argument Smell can trigger certain memories, so fast food companies take advantage the nostalgia a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life Appeals Used Pathos (Emotional) appeals
Strong mark
"comfort foods"
Happy Propaganda Technique Emotional Words It's similar to pathos What's the argument? :) What Appeal/Fallacies were used? Propaganda Technique? Game-Show Quiz Today 3 companies control about 80% of the American market for frozen french fries. And if potato farmers don't like the price being offered by those 3 companies,then they're out of luck. pg 97 "We assume that because these things do not make us drop dead, they're safe",says Dr.Vyvyan Howard, a leading expert on toxic substances at the University of Liverpool in England. "It's not true. In my opinion, I would recommend that kids just stay away from them". pg 124 What Appeal or Fallacy is this? One candy manufacture, inspired by the Harry Potter books, now sells Jellybeans that are supposed to taste like earthworms, dirt, vomit, and boogers. Pg 120 They ( Hindus in India) assumed that the fries in India were being made the same way as the fries in the United States- a reasonable assumption pg 126 A nose can detect aromas present in quantities of a few parts per trillion - an amount equal to about 0.000000000003 percent. Factory Fries
French fries go through a conveyor belt, Lamb Water Gun Knife,then the french fries are frozen and gets shipped off to fast food joints. Smells
The IFF manufactures the smell of products that Americans eat and drink by mixing different chemicals to create a particular aroma. Tasty
Based on smell signals, the brain assigns a flavor to what's in your mouth and decides whether it's a food you want to eat-or spit out. Those Strawberry Shakes
Companies preserve the secrecy of their flavor formulas and hides the fact that flavor additives often contain more ingredients than the foods being given some taste Kid Testers
Flavor companies constantly run "taste tests" for kids to give a food the right mouthfeel The Bugs in your Candy
Color additives are made from insects to make a pound of carmine, which is used to make processed food look more appealing Poop on Ronald
Hindus were angry that they were misled by McDonald about the beef-oiled french fries that they were eating, so they invaded a McDonald's restaurant and smeared cow poop on a statue of Ronald McDonald. The End
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