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Nazmul rafi

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Unemployment

Introduction Causes of Unemployment Unemployment happens when a person is seeking for work and not getting it to fulfill their demands. A Job is a very important thing for a person, if the person does not get a job he or she is unable to live in the world, Job gives money to the people and people buys their necessary things with money so if he or she does not have money then he or she cannot live in the world, thus job is an important thing for a person. Unemployment Effects of Unemployment Thank You ! Done by- Nazmul &Tajwar Organization working to resolve unemployment Economic Inflation-Economic Inflation problems happens when the price of different things increases and the person who is jobless if he or she cannot buy there need then it effects them and they try to do something wrong which usually takes them to a crime.

Changing technology-This is basically when a working place replaces humans with advanced technology. Employ Values-This is when a person a small amount of salary and is in need of more. So the person quits his/her job to find another one which will pay them more but instead he doesn't get another job which makes him/her unemployed.

Population increase-This is a big problem around the world, as the factories and industries are filled with workers , so they are unable to employ the people who are unemployed, so I think it’s not their fault but it is effecting the people who are jobless. There are many causes of unemployment. These things may cause a person to be unemployed and they may bring down the person and along with him, his family.
the causes are: Job Dissatisfaction-This is when a person is not satisfied with his job and when thier family tell them to earn more. This causes the person to quit the job and not find another, which will cause unemployment. Financial costs -In many countries the government has to pay the unemployed some benefits therefore, the nation not only has to deal with lost income and decreased production but also with additional cost. There are many effects of unemployment which effects people and their standard of life. these not only effect the person but their family too.
The effects are: Health diseases-The tension can increase dramatically general health issues.
Crime and violence/suicide-Increase in the rate of suicide attempts and suicide as well. People also murder/rob people for money which they desperately need.

Social outing-It may bring a decrease in social outings and interactions with other people.

Stigma-Unemployment is more than ‘No work’ It brings disgrace to the person who is unemployed. Nobody likes to be unemployed and termed as ‘’jobless/unemployed’’ Passed through generations -The pain of unemployment occurs because the person is not educated or does not have the required skills. The person is not educated due to lack of education, he could not be educated because his parents could not educate him or because she or he chose to skip school. As the person is uneducated they do not get a job, as they do not get a job, the family suffers. The family suffers due to lack of money caused by unemployment. Because of this, their quality of lives decrease. This situation works in a chain system. From generation to generation, a family lives in unemployment and lead a low quality of life from the lack of proper education and skill. The INOU was formed in 1978 against high unemployment rate.The organizations has developed over the last 25 years and now has over 200 members. History Irish nation organization
of the unemployed (INOU) Aims INOU trains people to employ them so they get a good amount of salary.INOU targets the
jobless people and give them a good job with a decent amount of salary. The INOU works at local and national levels on issues based on unemployed people.INOU educates people, INOU trains people who are unskilled and then they employ them with a suitable job. How it works International Labour Organization(Il0) History ILO was founded in 1919 after the world war. The ILO became the first specialized agency of the UN in 1946. Aims ILO targets to make people skilled.
ILO employ the best skilled people without discriminating, and takes the oppourtunity to employ them. How it works With the help of government ILO takes initiative to employ people , government sends some workers to train the people and make them skilled and later employ them with a good amount of salary. ILO also searches for some people who are jobless and employ them after they are trained. United Nation Educational, Scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) History UNESCO was founed in 1994 16th November after the world war 2. After the world war 2, Nazi (Germany) and allies met in United Kingdom, they thought of making an organization and educate people and give knowledge to bring peace instead of wars. Aims How they work Unesco has 195 members, every year they collect some money within their budget, through different projects they raise the money and try to educate people and bring peace in their mind. There are many organizations qorking to stop or reduce unemployment.
They are: Replacement of workers Full of workers This man is unable to continue his job as because he is not getting a good amount of salary
Mental health-Mental health problems like feeling unworthy with the lost income and the frustration involved in it. It may develop negative attitudes towards common things in life and may feel that all sense of purpose is lost. Money is very important for a person,people buys their necessary things with it. Crime and violence
leads people to jail
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