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The Forbidden City

No description

Christy Flores

on 27 December 2010

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Transcript of The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City!!!!!!! Why weren't peasents allowed in the forbidden city? ordinary is not allowed in the forbidden city people could only enter the forbidden city to work and die within the city HEY!!!! jbavxhavf Why was the forbidden city built? The city was also built to protect the emperor and the government and to make the laws in. !!The End!! By:Christy flores Who got the idea to build the forbidden city and who where the architects who planned it? the third emperor got the idea to build the forbidden city The three architects are : Hsu Tai Yuan An Feng Chiao Who was the last emperor and why? Pu Yi was the last emperor of china Pu Yi was the last emperor because peasent revolted against the emperor and so it turned to a communist country a few years after
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